Sunday, June 17, 2012

So, Justin, what’s been going on in your world?

Oh, nothing really.

Just that after the wedding my left eye started acting up and got scratched pretty bad. Not sure how it happened. Eye docs said I had some cornea swelling and that it made me more susceptible to the scratch.

I’d had my corneas replaced as a toddler as part of cataract surgery and I’d known for a few years that I’d have to have some more work done with them eventually. Basically eventually came, and the docs here recommended that we do a partial transplant where the layer that’s acting up would be replaced with another donor layer.

Anyway, I had the surgery (just a 20-minute procedure) on Monday and I’m slowly recovering, seeing a little better with the new one each day. I’m still struggling to read things clearly, but I’m seeing improvement each day and I think I’ll be good enough to get back to work in another week or so.

And then maybe I’ll blog a little more.

Or maybe not. Who knows.