Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Not quite the man he used to be"

When I bought Bruiser, I decided I'd take a while and decide weither or not I was going to breed him. It took a while just cause I wanted to be ABSOLUTELY SURE before I got him neutered if I decided to go that route.

Anyways, I decided not to so I got him an appointment with the vet to get neutered.

Friday was the big day. He knew something was up because he didn't get to eat this morning and he hadn't had any water since sometime last night.

About 8:30, I put a leash on him and told him we were going for a drive. He likes the car, so he didn't mind that part one bit.

When we got to the vet's office he surprised me. He usually puts up a fight when he realizes that's where we are, but he walked right in. Maybe he thought they'd have food or water for him or something.

We left him with the sweet nurse who told us he'd be "not quite the man he used to be" at 4 when we picked him up.

The surgery went well and we picked him up a little after 4 because my grandmother was gonna drive to pick him up and my aunt wanted to come along. They were watching a movie in the living room and I came in and said "look what time it is," so we scrambled out the door right at 4.

He was a little slow gettin around, which wasn't a real shock because he'd been sedated, but other than that he was fine. Once we got him home, he crashed in the living room and slept for about four hours.

When he woke up, he wanted to go outside and do his business, then he jumped on my bed and crashed out for two or three more hours and I took him out again. After that it was time for him to call it a night.

The sleeping foesn't bother me, I know he's still pretty groggy from being sedated for the surgery, I know I would be too. The good news is that the sedation didn't make him sick to his stomach like the other two dogs got when they had it done.

He should be about back to normal tomorrow, we just have to make sure he doesn't push it too hard too fast.

Well that and try to keep him from licking where the incisions were made for about a week since he's got the disolving stitches.

I figure enduring this for a few days would be better than the hell that would come if he got out the backyard and knocked up someone else's dog.

It's just the responsible thing to do if you're not going to breed them. And if you are going to breed them, make sure there's NO WAY they can get out of your yard.

My mom, who breeds Shetland Sheepdogs, would agree.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

T.O. watch 2006

Here we go again.

Dallas police are saying that Terrell Owens tried to OD on pain pills.

And T.O.'s people are disputing that claim.

As you can see, ESPN has gone into 24-hour coverage of the story. Or non-story, depending on who you ask.

Bill Parcells said earlier this week in a press conference that he's been having an adverse reaction to the pain pills he'd been given, which happens to a lot of people.

Am I the only person who thinks that what happened is as simple as that???

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Five words I didn't expect to say a week ago

"I just bought playoff tickets."

The 'Stros looked dead in the water.

But then they swept the Cardinals at home.

With the Astros 5-4 victory last night in a make-up game in Philly and the Cardinals dropping one to San Diego 6-5, the 'Stros are now three games back in the loss column with 6 to play. Basically that means, we have to win three more than the Cardinals do to tie the division.

The good news for that is that, if the game can impact the playoff picture, the Cardinals will be playing a make-up game against San Francisco on Monday, giving them one more chance to lose.

Then, if the division ends up tied, the Astros and Cardinals will meet for a one-game playoff on Tuesday in Houston since the Astros won the coin flip with them a few weeks ago on Monday to decide who gets home field. Basically, the team who wins that game will go to the playoffs and the team that loses will be cleaning out their lockers the next day.

Anyways, yesterday I got an email from the team about a playoff ticket presale that began this morning. Since money is refunded if the team doesn't make it, it's a no-lose situation.

I leave you with two more words I didn't expect to say a week ago:


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Monday, September 25, 2006

The cure for all that ails you...

Or at least your NFL team...

(perscription image found on
Google image search)

Or your Pop Warner team, for that matter.

I'll sum up the last game in two words: "we suck"

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rocketman's last home game is yet to come

The Houston Chronicle - Clemens to make another home start Sunday

Roger Clemens will start Houston's home finale against St. Louis on Sunday.


Before leaving Minute Maid Park on Wednesday evening, Roger Clemens approached Astros owner Drayton McLane and said he'd consider pitching in the club's final home game of the season Sunday night against the St. Louis Cardinals.

"He reported he feels pretty good and he feels he can do it," Garner said. "The other thing is, we have to do as good as we can against St. Louis."

Clemens threw six scoreless innings Wednesday to beat the Cincinnati Reds before a crowd of 31,928, which gave him multiple standing ovations, including a 90-second one that drew a curtain call and a salute from the future Hall of Famer.

It's not like we're gonna go to the playoffs, so I'm fine with it.

Plus. I've got a feeling that Clemens will be back next year. With only pitching about half a season, his body won't be aching nearly as bad as it would normally be at the end of the year.

That and Koby, his son who is playing in the 'Stros minor-league system, will nag him to come back. The thought of playing alongside his son (As Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr. did) during September callups next year would be awfully tempting.

I MIGHT go to the game Sunday night. Depends on if the guy going with me to the Texans game is willing to pull the double-header and go to both games.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogging will be light for a while...

Blogging will be light for a while because my aunt is in town.

Not to be confused with an ant. She doesn't die when you sprinkle poison on her bed and spray it with the water hose.

She just gets pissed and then I have to sleep on the couch while she uses my bed.

That means a big lack of sleep.

Regular blogging will resume at the end of the month.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Carnival of the Cats #130

It's time once again for the Carnival of the Cats.

But wait.... Why is a dog helping host???

Bruiser says it's because "I like anything that'll play with me," which. knowing him, is so true.

That and the doggie carnival doesn't like him. Something about eating too much and puking on the carpet.

So we bring you the 130'th edition of the Carnival of the Cats.

Is there anything cuter than a picture of a baby and a cat?

We've got one outside and looking for trouble and some good news about the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Tigger the Terror gives us a list of oils that are considered "must-haves" for both human and animal first aid kits.

Kirbside shows us Patch and tells us how he got that name.

Is Ted good or bad? Use this easy reference to find out.

Rico Loco had a bit of a misadventure. *growls* I guess Brusier's not happy about the dog remark. *rubs Bruiser's belly* OK, he's fine now.

If you lie down on Rahel's foot, you get your picture taken. She also got to pet a leopard.

Ferdy takes some time to relax.

Unlike this cat (found via Google Images search), Miss Chloe's not psychic but she is sitting in sunbeams and wants you to stop staring. I was always told to never stare, but take quick glances.

Who said cats and dogs can't get along? Not these cats and dog.

Ever wondered what your cat would say about you? Take a look.

Mister Gato needs a nap.

Neighbor cats pay Blueberry a visit. And Laurence shows us some video of one.

Harley and Tinker get a new tree and scratching post.

Aunty Holly gives un insight on feline communication.

What? That's not a bed? It is now... Or maybe it is a bed.

A "death ray" and an "unusual meeting"

I never wake up a sleeping dog. I guess cats are just nicer.

Nardo finds time in his day to irritate Piper.

If there was a project like 2,996 for cats, one of the profiles would look something like this.

You're gonna have to find me before you do that.And Watermark, too.

Tiger may be getting older, but he's still got some spunk.

Enjoy catnip responsibly, Always designate a driver.

A little Tai Chi never hurt anybody.

And we've got watch cats. Do they meow strangers until they go away?

If you tempt a cat with a string long enough they'll attack.

Laundry baskets seem to be a popular place to hide.

I've heard of fast food. Is this fast fun?

Deep thoughts.

Kate learns more and more about her cat.

Someone might have a headache.

I'll relax wherever I want to, thank you very much!

Catymology brings us a cat-themed Thursday Thirteen.

Finding a stash of mice is a good excuse to look like you know you're all that.

Trips to the groomer are not always welcome.

Now THIS is my idea of exercise ;)

Cato cuddles up with Google.

We're tired.

We've got an update on Ivy, and a look at things in history that have happened in her life.

It's a law of nature. When you pull out the camera, your critter must stop doing whatever caused you to pull the camera out.

Alright, that's All I've got except for a couple of housecleaning-type notes:

  • If you see anything we messed up, email the human (contact info in the sidebar here) and he'll fix it soon as he gets a chance. He knows he's prone to screwups, so it's no big deal.
  • Laurence asked me to remind y'all that you can still use Blog Carnival to submit your entries since Ferdy and Bruce have shut down their carnival submission form.
  • The next CotC will be at House of Chaos.

And I think that's it. Thanks to Laurence for letting my little corner of insanity host and for all the people who have submitted.

I leave you with Cats in ur stuff doing things. Blame the guy who made it for typing like an idiot.

Getting ready for the Carnival

I'm working really hard with Bruiser to get the Carnival of the Cats ready to go up.

Bruiser thought he needed a break, so...

What? It's hard for me to type.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Who Screwed Roger Clemens Bingo

Since Lair's traveling, I decided to play here.

For those that don't know, here's how it works:

The rules are simple:
Screwups like fielding errors turn your square red.
Outs turn your square red based on LOBs and rally-killing factor.

And here's the JRT version of the bingo card (which is much prettier)




And my spin on this, the one thing that's been missing IMHO:


I'm planning to loveblog it, but for sure I'll update the card postgame with everything that you could possibly need to know about how Roger clemens did ot didn't get screwed..... but who are we kidding really, he's gonna be screwed.

I'm tallying points.... the points will determine what shade goes in the square. 9 points is Phil Garner red.

Blue's got a REALLY tight zone behind the plate tonight.

Top 1st:  Groundout, K, Walk, SB (infield was playing deep, they gave it to him) Ryan Howard gets intentionally walked because of the steal. Bases loaded with another walk. Grand slam. 4-0

If anybody screwed anybody here, it's the two non-intentional walks Roger gave up. Roger now has his own score, so +4 for the earned runs

Willy T snags the third out in left-center.

Bottom 1st: Willy T beats out one of those hits that only Willy T gets. Bigg pops out. (+1) Ensberg K's (+1), Berkman flys out, leaving a LOB (+1)

Top 2nd: Bunt hit attempt fails, walked the pitcher (Roger's obviously not getting ANY slack cut him by the blind guy behind the plate), Fielders choice towards first for the second out, roger couldn't get to first in time for the DP, which woulda been tough anyways. Ausmus sails a throw to second (+1), grounder to second for the last out.

Bottom 2nd: Huff walks, Scott GIDP (+2), Everett groundout.

Top 3rd: Groundout to 1st, K, flyout.

Bottom 3rd: Ausmus flys out, Clemens K's (no points, he's a pitcher), Willy grounds out.

Top 4th: Single, double, K, Walked the pitcher AGAIN, 6-4-3 DP

Bottom 4th: Biggio K's (+1), Ensberg HR's, making the score 4-1. Berkman flies out to left. Huff walks. Scott jacks a 2-run HR making it 4-3. Everett lines a single to center. Ausmus flies out in foul territory.

Top 5th: Groundout x2, K.

Bottom 5th: Palmeiro, PH for Clemens, grounds out. Willy T does the same. Biggio pops out.

Top 6th: Chris Sampson is in to pitch. Flyout x2, groundout.

Bottom 6th: Ensberg K's (+1), Berkman grounds out, Huff walks for the third time tonight. Scott flies out, leaving a LOB (+1)

Top 7th: Flyout, next two ground it back to Sampson.


Bottom 7th: Everett one-hops to 3B, and he's out. Ausmus singles to right. Lamb PH's for Sampson and flies out. With the guy on base not advancing, he get a +1. Willy hits into an odd 3rd out (+1)

Top 8th: Trever Miller's in now. K, groundout, single.

Qualls is coming in now. NO, I WILL NOT do the ooogah-boogah dance. He gets a grounder, makes a tough throw and gets the out.

Bottom 8th: Biggio flys out to right-center, Ensberg grounds out. The Phils are bringing in a lefty to turn Berkman around. Berkman singles to left. Berkman caught stealing.... may have been a bad call, but that was stupid and a potential rally-killer, so +3.

Top 9th: Walk, pinch-runner gets picked off. Groundout, single. The sausage race beater-upper, Randall Simon, K's swinging.

Bottom 9th: Flash (Gordon) is in. Huff gets to second on a hard grounder that gets by the first basemen (ruled an error). Carlton Jimerson sent in as a pinch-runner. Scott pops it up (+1). Burke PH's for Everett and beats out an infield single. Jimerson does not advance. Lane PH's for Ausmus and loads the bases on a dropped ball. Quintero PH for Qualls with the bases loaded and 1 out and grounds into a game-ending DP (+3).

The Verdict: Clemens did it to himself with the walks and grand slam in the first. Quintero didn't screw Clemens because he would have had the loss anyways.

Who, in your opinion, screwed Roger the most? Or did he do it to himself? Sound off in the comments.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Off to Sherman we go!!!

(Click here to see a map showing where Beaumont and Sherman are)

I had a bit of a road trip on Tuesday.

We went all the way from here to Sherman and back to pick up a couple of shelties for my mom, who is getting into the business of breeding them.

It was a long drive, and meeting my mom in Houston didn't help any.

Anyways, I left the house about 5:30 and met her at her house about 7 AM. We stopped for breakfast along the way at a McDonalds in Madisonville, and got to Sherman about 1, which was at least an hour before I thought we would have. We spent about 30 minutes at the house looking at them and then got 'em in crates and started heading home.

Well, one of the pups had a tough time. She got carsick and wasn't doing too well at first, but seemed to be ok after a while.

We were back at her place in Houston at about 6:45 and the pups were happy to just be on solid ground. The carsick one became energetic all of a sudden and drank loads of water. She was fine.

I took a break there and then left for Beaumont at 7. I didn't hit any traffic on the way home and was back here, worn out, at 8:30. I checked my email and did a few things, then went to bed and got the best night's sleep I've had in a long time.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Linda C. Lee

NOTE: In honor of the victims of 9/11, 2,996 was created as a tribute to the victims of that horrible day with the intentions of remembering the innocent victims and not their murderers. This is my small contribution.

Linda C. Lee was the kind of person that most of us (myself included) wish we could be.

She was a graduate of the University of Maryland, a senior associate at a financial services firm, and your friend, weither you knew it or not.

Friends decrribe her as having an amazing ability to make friendships and having the ability to make you feel like the most important person to her, wanting to know everything that's going on in your life.

She also loved adventure, often sneaking off to New York City for the weekend with friends while in high school. As they became young women, they would try to convince taxi drivers to let them drive.

At age 34, she was attending a technology conference at the World Trade Center when it was attacked.

Her memory will live on through the Linda C. Lee Memorial Scholarship at the University of Maryland, established by Jennison Associates LLC, her employer, and her friends and family.

It's stories like her that, for me, re-enforce why we should never forget.

NOTE CONCERNING COMMENTS: This post is about rememberance, not politics, or anything else for that matter. Comments that don't fit that profile will be deleted without notice.

Carnival of the Cats

The 129th edition of the Carnival of the Cats is up at Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose.

So, where's edition #130 going to be?

Oh, it's here!!!

Info on how to submit (as well as anything else you could ever need to know) can be found here.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm back in the 100 Word Stories Weekly Challenge

The 100 Word Stories Weekly Challenge is now old enough that I can go out and get drunk with it, since the 21st edition is out today.

After a loooooooooooong haitus (and being begged by Laurence in an email), I wrote a 100-word story about this week's theme, Time Travel.

Listen to it at the first link above and vote for me.

Oh? You don't wanna listen??? I could understand since it's 27 minutes long, so I'll go ahead and post my story's text.

It's 2021 and the Weekly Challenge podcast now runs three hours long.

In the boardroom for a major accounting firm, they're discussing what
to do about this "pest" that's killing productivity in their offices.

"We could block the server so people can't access it from here"

"Are you nuts? They'd revolt."

"How about we fire people who are caught listening to it at work?"

"We'd lose everybody"

"We could ask time-traveler Steve to prevent the challenge from ever starting."

"I'll ask him in a couple hours. He's listening to it right now"

Luckily for us, he didn't accept the mission.

Now go vote for me ;)

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why Christians aren't taken seriously

Yesterday someone calling themselves CaptainChurch posted a comment with tons of links to my Rec League Softball post.

I deleted the comment and sent an email saying to not spam here.

Could I have been nicer? Probably. I was a little irritated at the time. But I could have really been an ass and hurled a few f-bombs his way. But I didn't.

Judging by the response you would have thought that I'd ripped him a new asshole or two.

Just so you know, according to CaptainChurch, I'm a "heartless, loveless FOOL ... only interested in [my]self ... inhuman creature, loveless & poison to all around you," was told that "this saves lives," and to "Go to HELL!!"

I simply pointed to the comment policy, and then said:

You really do seem concerned about saving lives if you're telling me to go to hell. REAL Christian-like.

It's people like you who are the reason people don't take christians seriously.

Never heard back from him... imagine that...

What an idiot...

Just to make everybody jealous...

Enjoy this link showing what gas prices are locally.

More coming later.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rec League Softball

No, it's not just for old guys.

I play on a slow-pitch co-ed team that's loosely affiliated with my church. And when I say loosely I pretty much just mean that "First United Methodist" is on the t-shirts.

We started playing last fall before Rita. The season was cancelled after she blew through because of damage to the fields.

But we're back now amd I can't wait.

The season starts on September 11th and runs until sometime in November I believe, but it can't get here soon enough.

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