Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why Christians aren't taken seriously

Yesterday someone calling themselves CaptainChurch posted a comment with tons of links to my Rec League Softball post.

I deleted the comment and sent an email saying to not spam here.

Could I have been nicer? Probably. I was a little irritated at the time. But I could have really been an ass and hurled a few f-bombs his way. But I didn't.

Judging by the response you would have thought that I'd ripped him a new asshole or two.

Just so you know, according to CaptainChurch, I'm a "heartless, loveless FOOL ... only interested in [my]self ... inhuman creature, loveless & poison to all around you," was told that "this saves lives," and to "Go to HELL!!"

I simply pointed to the comment policy, and then said:

You really do seem concerned about saving lives if you're telling me to go to hell. REAL Christian-like.

It's people like you who are the reason people don't take christians seriously.

Never heard back from him... imagine that...

What an idiot...

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