Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Five words I didn't expect to say a week ago

"I just bought playoff tickets."

The 'Stros looked dead in the water.

But then they swept the Cardinals at home.

With the Astros 5-4 victory last night in a make-up game in Philly and the Cardinals dropping one to San Diego 6-5, the 'Stros are now three games back in the loss column with 6 to play. Basically that means, we have to win three more than the Cardinals do to tie the division.

The good news for that is that, if the game can impact the playoff picture, the Cardinals will be playing a make-up game against San Francisco on Monday, giving them one more chance to lose.

Then, if the division ends up tied, the Astros and Cardinals will meet for a one-game playoff on Tuesday in Houston since the Astros won the coin flip with them a few weeks ago on Monday to decide who gets home field. Basically, the team who wins that game will go to the playoffs and the team that loses will be cleaning out their lockers the next day.

Anyways, yesterday I got an email from the team about a playoff ticket presale that began this morning. Since money is refunded if the team doesn't make it, it's a no-lose situation.

I leave you with two more words I didn't expect to say a week ago:


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