Thursday, September 14, 2006

Off to Sherman we go!!!

(Click here to see a map showing where Beaumont and Sherman are)

I had a bit of a road trip on Tuesday.

We went all the way from here to Sherman and back to pick up a couple of shelties for my mom, who is getting into the business of breeding them.

It was a long drive, and meeting my mom in Houston didn't help any.

Anyways, I left the house about 5:30 and met her at her house about 7 AM. We stopped for breakfast along the way at a McDonalds in Madisonville, and got to Sherman about 1, which was at least an hour before I thought we would have. We spent about 30 minutes at the house looking at them and then got 'em in crates and started heading home.

Well, one of the pups had a tough time. She got carsick and wasn't doing too well at first, but seemed to be ok after a while.

We were back at her place in Houston at about 6:45 and the pups were happy to just be on solid ground. The carsick one became energetic all of a sudden and drank loads of water. She was fine.

I took a break there and then left for Beaumont at 7. I didn't hit any traffic on the way home and was back here, worn out, at 8:30. I checked my email and did a few things, then went to bed and got the best night's sleep I've had in a long time.

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