Wednesday, October 03, 2012

2012 MLB Playoff Predictions

I’ll admit, I haven’t followed baseball too closely this year, so this could be a trainwreck, but here goes nothing…


St. Louis @ Atlanta – I think Atlanta’s the better team and will win this one.

Baltimore @ Texas – Texas will finish the choke job that lost them the division in a sweep at Oakland and lose to the Orioles.


Atlanta v, Washington – I want to say Washington really, really bad, but I’m afraid that shutting down Strasburg is going to come back to haunt them. I’m going Atlanta

Cincinnati v, San Francisco – I’m saying Reds just because I hate the Giants.


Baltimore v. New York – The two teams went 9-9 against each other this year and I think they’re pretty even. This one’s a coin toss. My coin lands on Baltimore

Oakland v. Detroit – Detroit went 4-3 against them this year, but Oakland’s on fire right now, winning six in a row. I’m going Oakland.

NLCS: Atlanta v. Cincinnati – The Reds take this one easily. They went 5-1 against Atlanta this year.

ALCS: Baltimore v. Oakland – This is like the Oakland-Detroit series, Baltimore went 4-3 against them this year, but Oakland’s crazy hot like the Cardinals were last year and I think they’ll make it to the Series.

WORLD SERIES – Oakland v. Cincinnati – Oakland’s being hot peters out here and the Reds will win it all in what should be a pretty good series.