Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why wait???


I'm begging you.

I know that since you've re-signed Clemens you'll have to send somebody down to the minors to open up a roster spot when he's done with his three starts in the minors.

But why wait? You could just as easily get rid of Mike Gallo NOW!!!!

The man can't find a strike zone with a map and compass and gets hit more than a crappy boxer.

He's only blown TWO extra-inning games in the past week.

Please, just get rid of him.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Is "The Rocket" back or not???

Newsday is reporting that Roger Clemens will be re-signing with the Astros and that it will be announced later this week.

Newsday has learned that Clemens, 43, has agreed to terms with the Astros, the team for which he pitched the last two seasons. The seven-time Cy Young Award winner could be pitching in the major leagues by the end of June. He will earn from $3.5 million to $4 million per month, netting him roughly $12 million for about a half-season's work.

Jose De Jesus Ortiz, the Houston Chronicle's Astros beat writer, is reporting what most people are saying about it:

Inside the Astros' clubhouse over the last few weeks, hardly any players have doubted Roger Clemens will rejoin them soon. In the players' minds, it has been merely a matter of "when," not "if."

But according to Astros owner Drayton McLane, general manager Tim Purpura and one of Clemens' agents, Newsday jumped the gun today when it reported Clemens had reached a deal to return to the Astros.

I'm inclined to say that the Newsweek report is inaccurate, but there's really no telling based simply on the indecisiveness that Clemens has shown over the past few years about retiring.

If he comes back, great. If not, I won't cry about it. I never expected to see him back anyways. The young pitchershave been pretty good this year despite this nasty slump they're stuck in right now and they can only get  better. Mark my words, Wandy Rodriguez will be well-known throughout the league by the end of the year. He's been impressive so far and is just starting to come into his prime years at the age of 27.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

How to NOT break a drought Update on Southeast Texas Flooding

It's been raining a lot today.

15 inches since midnight at one of the local TV stations.

We had water get about halfway up the front yard, but not into the house thankfully.

We got about 8-10 inches in this part of town, about the same amount we got during Rita. However, during Rita that was the most for Beaumont. Hardly the case for these storms.

So, the westher forced us to take a lazy Memorial Day. I aint complaining.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

CCE: Bill meets The Jack Attack

Y'all finally get to see my new feature "Celebrity Chat Express." I'm hoping to make this a more regular thing than the IMAO podcast (which I AM NOT involved with).

You are now logged into chat "CTU: Los Angeles"
TheJackAttack: How long until you can get us hacked into that chat, Chloe?
ChamomileTea: Just a second, I've almost got it.
ChamomileTea: Alright, soon as I hit enter we'll be in teh room. I'll inform Keith that you're there.
You now have access to chat "The Factor - Countdown Showdown"
Chattermann: You, Mr. O'Reilly, are a terrorist.
FactorThis: WHAT?!?!?
Chattermann: Yes, a terrorist. Look at you. You have on at least one occasion threatened innocent callers on your radio program.
FactorThis: Keith, you know that was just a big misunderstanding.
Chattermann: I don't think it was. You hate anything having to do with me
FactorThis: Hate is a strong word, Mr. Olbermann. You shouldn't just throw things like that around.
User "TheJackAttack" has joined the chat
TheJackAttack: Alright Keith, I've seen enough.
FactorThis: Wait, who is this???
TheJackAttack: The last thing you'll ever see if you don't stop being a terrorist.
FactorThis: But I'm not a terrorist!!!
TheJackAttack: Yes, you are and I WILL get you to admit it! You see, I've been monitoring this chat.
FactorThis: Oh @#%$!!! I knew I should have never endorsed the NSA spying programs.
TheJackAttack: Now, you can tell me what I need to know or I'll be forced to make things difficult for the both of us.
FactorThis: And just how would you do that, Jack???
TheJackAttack: You probably don't think that I can force this towel down your throat. But trust me, I can. All the way. Except I'd hold onto this one little bit at the end. When your stomach starts to digest it, I pull it out. Taking your stomach lining with it. For most people it would take about a week to die. It's very painful.
FactorThis: I don't buy it.
TheJackAttack: Fine, you'll be seeing me soon.
User "TheJackAttack" has left the chat
FactorThis: Keith, did you know about that???
Chattermann: Yep.
FactorThis: So you set me up?
Chattermann: Yep.
FactorThis: OK, so maybe what I did is terrorism. Even if it is, why does it matter?
Chattermann: Terrorism is Terrorism, Bill...
FactorThis: Yea, I guess you're right.
Users "TheJackAttack" and "ChamomileTea" have joined the chat
TheJackAttack: TEAMS, MOVE IN, NOW!!!!!
ChamomileTea: We got him, Jack
TheJackAttack: Good, thx Chloe.
ChamomileTea: yw
TheJackAttack: And Keith, thx 4 the tip.
Chattermann: No, Jack, thank you. This is going to make for great fodder on Countdown tonight.
TheJackAttack: That's true. I'll be sure to watch.
ChamomileTea: Hey, what about me?
Chattermann: What about you???
ChamomileTea: *scrunches face*
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Graduation, all I ever wanted . . . NOT!!!

My little brother graduates tonight from West Brook.

I guess I should be happy for him or something, but all it does is make me feel old.

I walked across the stage at the Montagne Center three years ago.

From my experience, it's boring even when you're the one your family's there watching walk across the stage.

Honestly, If I had it all to do over again, I wouldn't go.

I'm just not very big on ceremony.

Heck, I've talked with my family about it and they understand where I'm coming from :)

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Rita Babies

KBTV: Rita Babies to Arrive Soon

Another baby boom could be headed to Southeast Texas, and it`s all thanks to one of the worst natural disasters the area has ever seen.

June 24th marks exactly nine months since Hurricane Rita hit, but the babies due from couple’s “extra time together” during the evacuation should be here in about two to three weeks.

All I know is that I'm not one of them with kids on the way.

And if I am, I wanna know what the heck I slept through. :)


Beagles were bred to hunt rabbits. Bruiser hasn't gotten that chance yet.

Is that a rabbit I see???

Nope, it wasn't.

For more petblogging goodness, check out The Friday Ark.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just to clarify...

I am not racist, sexist, or any other -ist you can think of.

I hate everybody. Equally.

So there.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm keeping it!!!

I like this design, so it stays.

I've already finished the work with the graphics to get the look, I'll get to the monnents pages later.

UPDATE: Comments are done!

If David Carr dies next Saturday, I didn't do it

Next weekend the Texans have their "All Access" Schindig thingy for season ticket holders.

Since I'm a season ticket holder, and it's free, I'm going.

I'll be in the same building as David Carr, one of my picks.

The Dead Pool rules say:

You may not cause the death of any pick personally unless directed to legally in the service of your nation's armed forces, law enforcement, or in self defense.

So, unless David Carr decides to jump over the autograph table to beat the crap out of me I'm not allowed to kill him.

Okay, I can live with that.

So, what are the odds that a DB leaps across the table and sacks Carr???

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What's the deal with Gmail???

It's been slow as molasses in January. What's up with that???

UPDATE: Wow Google's good. It sped up soon as I submitted this post.

New look

This is our new design. We'll see if I decide to keep it, tweak it, or go back to the old one.

I'm not going to mess with the comments until I settle on something here.

Bear with me...

I'm getting the new template in, so things are gonna be a bit shaky.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Poker pisses me off sometimes

I was just on PokerStars playing one of their no-limit mini-tournaments with 18 people.

For those that don't know, PokerStars is free and is "for entertainment purposes only"

First hand I get dealt pocket Jacks.

Now, I usually sit out the first hand in these tournaments because some idiot usually pushes all-in with nothing in the hopes of accumulating a huge stack of chips at the start. But I figure "Hey' I've got a good hand here to rack up some chips," so I push all in with two other hands at my table. I'm in the lead by far pre-flop. One of the other guys has A-6, I don't remember what the third had.

The flop hits... Mister A-6 now had a set of Aces. I'm thinking "I'm fucked" because the only thing that'll save me is runner-runner Jacks.

And I'm outta there like that.

I guess I shouldn't complain considering how many times I've gotten a card that saves my ass on the river, but hey, it still hurts.

How to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions...

(A Precision Guided Humor Assignment)

It's simple, really.