Monday, May 01, 2006

The results of my crazy spending spree

Less than $30 out of my pocket.

It's not like I was being cheap, I couldn't find the kind of shirts that I'm looking for at Target for jury duty next week and couldn't find two CD's I wanted.

I did walk away with a small mocha frappuccino and two CD's. Toby Keith's White Trash With Money and Fenix TX's Lechuza.

Blame Pack for turning me on to Fenix TX. He's got a great song by them on his MySpace. Well, he did.

For some reason they remind me of The Offspring.

I guess I'll get the new Hoobastank CD and (yes, I'm serious about this one) Kelly Clarkson on Wednesday when I'm in Houston getting clothes. Katy Mills has an FYE in it that's bigger than my house. They should have it.

What? Kelly Clarkson can sing. And she's nice to look at too. REALLY nice. :)

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