Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lidge demoted Lidge removed as Astros closer for now

Astros pitcher Brad Lidge has been temporarily removed as the team's closer in an effort to allow him to work through his struggles in non-pressure situations, manager Phil Garner said prior to tonigiht's game against the Colorado Rockies.

Although Lidge entered the weekend tied for the National League with 11 saves, he's struggled with his command much of the season. Lidge, who saved 42 games last year, has blown three saves and has a 6.48 ERA in 18 games pitched this year.

This is good. I've had a feeling that Lidge's problems were more mental than anything else. Basically a confidence thing probably stemming from Albert Pujols' blast off of him in NLCS game 5 last year that looked like it would have gone all the way to Katy had the roof been open.

Lidge came in in the 7th last night. Up 5-1, he set theRpckies batters down in order with one strikeout and had really good stuff. The 'Stros went on to win 12-2.

Brad will get his head on straight and he should be back to his dominant self in no time.

This Blog Is Full Of Crap: Load Em Up Lidge gets demoted

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