Monday, May 22, 2006

The second biggest night of the year for fans of 24

The 24 ReportTonight is the season finale for 24.

24 addicts, such as myself, will either have their TiVo's juiced up or be camped out in front of the TV tonight to see the last two hours of day five.

I could talk about what all's happened this year, but I won't for many reasons:

  1. There's too much for me to name off without writing a post that would be about a mile long.
  2. I don't remember it all
  3. I'd hate to spoil it for people that wait for the DVD boxed sets to come out to watch.'em all at once.

This is the last week this year where the guys get to see Jack blow the **** outta everything and the ladies get to drool over how hot he is.

Fpr all your 24 needs, check out Blogs4Bauer.

Oh, you wanted to know what the biggest night of the year is, I'm sure... it's gotta be the season premiere.

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