Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One more week...

...until Toby Keith plays Reliant Stadium during RodeoHouston.

You wouldn't believe how much I'm looking forward to that show.

So... uh... blogging will be light next wednesday. Well, lighter than usual anyways.

Yes, I listen to country. Don't like it? Tough.

When Chimpanzees Jerk Off

An interesting thought on the subject from Laurence Simon.

Um... yea...

Coming tomorrow

The 24 ReportMy thoughts on 24: The Game

Yes, I picked up a copy today :)

Extreme Makeover: Sabine Pass

NOTE: I was going to post this yesterday, but decided to hold on to it for a little while.

No, I'm not making more changes to the template.

The Beaumont Enterprise - Extreme Makeover: Sabine Pass edition

SABINE PASS - At home, they lost clothes, mementoes and a place to lay their heads at night. When Hurricane Rita blew through five months ago, Sabine Pass students, the entire community really, lost something at school, too.

The school's theater had been home-base for a well-loved drama department and the site of Thanksgiving dinners, graduations and nearly any other large gathering in this small community at the southern tip of Jefferson County. By the end of the week, it will be a community hub again.

On Sunday, the cast and crew of ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" descended on the school for 240 students in kindergarten through 12th grade to start a project to revamp the theater interior. The new look will be unveiled at 2 p.m. Thursday.

The rest of the story...

I went down there about a month after we got back from the evacuation to drop a few boxes of books off to the school that Pineland I.S.D.'s librarian (who's family) wanted to give to a school down here that needed 'em. I was just amazed when I saw how bad that little town was torn up, but five feet of storm surge can do that. The school, which is less than ten years old, seemed to be the only building in town that came out with relatively little damage.

Sabine Pass School website

Monday, February 27, 2006

24: 4 P.M.-5 P.M. - Mutiny on the CTU Floor

The 24 ReportComing to you like random thoughts, as written on my notepad... in order:

This week, the pre-24 faire is back to Skating with Celebrities, this being the final... or at least the start of it.

My death count estimate this week is 7. I'm posting it here since B4B hasn't put the post up yet... and won't since 24 is on in like five minutes.
Sweet, the graphic violence warning... a great indication of a good episode :)
Logan's totally clueless about what to do since Martha's in the limo.
Wow... Martha totally pWN3D her hubby in that phone call.
Audrey... I may not like her, but at least he's doing the right thing trying to work around Lynn.
Yes Edgar, cover for Chloe. We'll get ya some donuts later.
4:12:49 - 4:17:02
Can I kill Lynn? He's really pissing me off. I promise to make it as slow and painful as possible.
Good work getting him in the office, Audrey.
So 11 mall rats died in the mall... just what I thought.
I have to admit, I'm a little surprised that that dude's cooperating.
4:24:50 - 4:29:12
Go figure Lynn ignores the motorcade threat. He must have scored a 6 on the Wonderlic Test too, just like Vince Young. For those that don't know, the average person would score roughly a 20.
Section 112, sounds dangerous. But if it gets Lynn out the pic, I'm all for it.
Honestly, I feel bad for Logan right now. Really bad.
Awww... Lynn's feelings are hurt. Let me play him the world's smallest violin *rubs two fingers together*
4:40:44 (and no kills yet) - 4:45:12
Nice to see Bill back, my bet is that he scored in the 40's on the Wonderlic (out of 50).
Well, it's outta Logan's hands now.
O.M.G. This has gotta be one of the most intense scenes I've seen in a while.
Aaron saves the day!!! Did I ever mention that he kicks ass??? I'll say it. I heart Aaron.
No idea what the kill count is... I need a TiVo. Bad.
4:50:16 - 4:54:43
Jack... you seem to be fucked, my man.
Nice work, he came out unscaved.
Well, B4B will be happy to see Kim back... but will the Cougar come with her???
THE USUAL CHLOE THOUGHT: My girl totally kicked ass tonight.
Two episodes next week... SWEETNESS!!!

Aight, that's all folks. Until next week, this is Justin saying "Don't be a meanie, wrap your weanie." Don't ask.

A change of pace

Next weekend (3/12), we'll be hosting the Carnival of the Cats, edition #103.

Consider this Bruiser's way of extending a paw in friendship.

I may even share my toys with you.

Aint he a sweetie???

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pin and Teller Tell it like it is about PETA

Checking the sitemeter...

This is one of those things I added yesterday.

First off, anybody reading this, don't freak. I'm not going tp pay so SiteMeter can show me your full IP address. Even if I did, I don't know how to do anything more invasive than ping it.

I get more hits that I thought I did. Then again, I figured I was the only one ever looking at this place, so go figure. I've got people coming across here from the US, Mexico, and Austrailia so far.

None of those nasty, egotistical Mac users, everybody's got Windows so far. Surprisingly, someone's using 98. WHO STILL HAS 98 ON THEIR SYSTEM, REALLY??? It was a good OS BACK IN '98!!! Move up to XP, or at least 2000 for crying out loud. If you come back and see this, please feel free to explain yourself in the comments. I'd be interested to hear why.

I'm hoping to keep this on for a while and be able to gather some stats for possible improvements down the road.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

MORE Renovations

I've made more changes to the sidebar. I've been busy.

And bored.

But I think I'm done for a while... at least the rest of the weekend

I gotta find better things to do with my time...

Saturday Dogblogging 2.25.05

This week, Bruiser joins us.

"Is that food I see???"

That's just a beagle for ya.

Tune in next week when I post another pic and some stuff with it. It'll be better, I promise.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


We've got guests... two of them.

We're watching two of my mom's dogs overnight... with our three, that's a handfull.

This would be great dogblogging material if I felt like getting out my camera.

Monday, February 20, 2006

More 24 Stuff: Chloe Naked???

Blogs4Bauer: Chloe Interviewed on Fox

Not a big deal... they try to insinuate that she might be a mole, but not so successfully.

And then she says "I'll tell you one thing that's happening: nudity. I have to strip to get a terrorist to talk. I challenge a terrorist to strip craps and lose."

But then she says some weird stuff and it sounds like she's making the whole thing up.

It's probably a joke, Mary Lynn Rajskub, the actress who plays Chloe, is a comedian by trade after all, but if it's true... well, I dunno what I'll do...

24: 3 P.M.-4 P.M. - DAMMIT!!!

The 24 ReportComing to you like random thoughts, as written on my notepad... in order:

This week, it's House before 24. I've never seen the show, but I've heard a lot of good things about it, so I'm excited :)

OMG I've fallen in love with House (the show, not the doc)!!! It's amazing!!! But the doc's cool too, kinda reminds me of myself.
First two kills right off the bat, some guy who trusted the government guys and a guy who doesnt know where Nathanson is. Wow, my guess on B4B is gone in the first segment.
Lynn, don't they teach you to keep stuff like your keycard somewhere other than your wallet??? Sheesh, I woulda known that. This situation will turn into something later on, I guarantee it.
Lynn doesn't need to go on an egotrip, he needs to go away, preferably at the hands of Jack.
The guy that called will certainly tell us something... too bad... wait... a blood choke on Curtis. He's out for the count.
3:13:16 - 3:18:24
Is it just me, or is Lynn not happy about Jack getting away?
Yes, Chloe, delete those phone logs. I <3 U!!!
3:24:15 - 3:28:25
Lynn's starting to piss me off on his egotrip...
YES!!! A FIREFIGHT!!! One more body by my notes, a guy in the building. that makes three.
Guy is on the roof and is being chased. He's cornered, so he's SOL, right? Right???
No, Jack takes out two more guys, making the count five and forces a heli to land by shooting it full of lead.
Jack gets the data from Nathanson, and he's dead. Make that six.
3:38:18 - 3:42:32
Martha knows about the call Logan got, she doesn't like it.
I hope Lynn dies. At Jack's hands. Bad. I hate him.
3:48:40 - 3:52:52
Chloe's doing her thing and gets the info.
The guy calls Logan at a bad moment and Novick (Who looks like Cheney, so don't go hunting with him) tells 'em the route. The terrorists deploy.
Uh-oh. Martha's gonna go with them. This aint good.
THE USUAL CHLOE THOUGHT: Not too much of her, but she played a pretty signifigant role, so I'll take it. She's welcome on my couch anytime (Only one person will get that, so don't worry hehe)
Looks like the minions at CTU are gonna get some balls with Lynn. I look forward to the red shirts totally f****** something up.

That's all. Until next week, this is Justin screaming DAMMIT!!!

Eat A Tasty Animal For PETA Day


Yes, I'll be celebrating it :)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Piss-poor writing 101

Hometown News: President`s Day Closures

Monday is a holiday. President`s day.
A majority of services will be taking the day off.
Most banks are closed, including most State and Local government offices are closed. No mail delivery.
Trash pick-ups maybe delay, checked your holiday schedule for your next pick-up day.

I hate this time of year

But not because it's cold, even if it is 39 right now...

It's Girl Scout Cookie season... we got four boxes of them.

They had to tell me about it too, didn't they???

If nobody had told me, I'd never known and wouldn't have eaten any of them.

I swear they're trying to make me gain back the weight I lost since I started working with Wes...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Saturday Dogblogging 2.18.05

Yes, it's another new feature here, loosely based on Friday Catblogging, which Laurence Simon oh so elaquently explains here.

"Bear's too big for me to beat up, so I'm gonna take out my frustrations on this toy," said Bruiser.

"He's smarter than I thought. Guess he realizes there's no way he'd ever catch me, much less beat me up!!!" Bear replied.

Petey is a little camera-shy. He'll learn.

That's all for now.

P.S. My brother Jason took the pic of Bear, but since he used my camera I'm stealing it :)

Our newest addition

Everybody say hi to the "I must be losing my mind!!!" box that I just added to the sidebar.

"Hi box!!!"

Justin's Random Thoughts: Always looking for a way to make fun of myself.

Pissing People Off

I'm not the only one that occasionally takes great joy in pissing off people that piss me off, am I???




Thursday, February 16, 2006

I say coke, you say soda, they say pop

Under the News: I say pop, you say soda

Well, that's interesting...

UPDATE: St. Louis leans toward soda, Beaumont Coke. I thought I'd be nice and not make you look it up yourself :)

Blogs I frequent

There are other blogs I read, these are just the ones I look at the most.

Blogs4Bauer: a very good "24" blog, and the inspiration for my "24 Report," which somehow draws a comment every week...

IMAO: Unfair. Unbalanced. Unmedicated. And good for a laugh with a conservative twist.

MeMo: I'm really not even sure why I read her. But I do.

mountaineer musings: SarahK does a good 24 recap too. There's also the fake sarahk site (or is it the real one?) by Cadet Happy.

TechBlog: Keeps me fairly up-to-date on tech stuff.

This Blog Is Full Of Crap: The only crap here is the stuff Laurence rants about... and his apparent inability to proofread. He recently started Catcall, a blog about cats on Chron.com and I'm a member of his Dead Pool.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A good reminder of why I'm moving...

I just had a talk with an ex of mine...

I won't mention what she told me, but for some reason no matter how bad something she says bothers me (tonight was REALLY BAD), I'm still attracted to her for some reason.

Welcome to my SERIOUSLY F***** UP life.

It's stuff like this that reminds me why I need a major change of scenery. BAD.

And why Houston won't cut it.

So, uh... St. Louis, here I come I guess...

Monday, February 13, 2006


I've added HaloScan to handle my comments and trackbacks... so now we can hav3e actual trackback pings... now if i can just figure out how to send an outbound one...

24: 2 P.M.-3 P.M. - Let the Bodies hit the Floor

The 24 ReportComing to you like random thoughts, as written on my notepad... in order:

I wonder if this'll be another Audrey-free writing. I can't stand her at all.

Great, an Emergency Alert System test just before the start. This bodes well. Oh, good, it's over in time :)
Sweet, the graphic violence warning. A strong indication of a good episode. Or is it always there? I don't remember.
Wow... The dude never noticed it was someone else's voice.
Wait, how'd they find the chip? and get it programmed??? I'm sooooo lost.
Watch Martha's aide leak what happened to the press. Watch. It.
THAT WASN'T THE DEAL!!! THEY CAN'T TAKE JACK!!! Then again, this would be boring if they didn't.
2:13:54 - 2:18:13
They should go public with what happened. But they won't.
I'm starting to like Martha, she stands by her convictions. Maybe she's had the PResident's pair all along...
Is this a Saturday? If it is, the terrorists could take out a bunch of mall rats. "Like, OMG, those guys have gas masks." "The one on the left is like soooooo hott!!!"
For some reason, I think Bll wants to beat the crud out of Lynn. That'd be the guy's second time in an hour, after all.
2:24:57 - 2:29:22
First body hits the floor. Security guard.
I'd hate to be Logan right now, having to make that decision. I have no idea what I'd do, but I think he settled on the right decision.
Uh-oh, Jack's in trouble. This should be interesting.
2:37:24 - 2:41:45
Jack's waking up... good.
Kick-pinkytoe (shout-out to sarahk), Jack's doing what he does best, killing a guy when he's in a bad position. Second body hits the floor.
I don't have a hard body count on the people that were down because of the gas. Logan was told between ten and twenty, but Jack mentioned eleven before he walked out, so I'm sticking with that. That makes thirteen bodies on the floor. Way higher than my guess on Blogs4Bauer of five.
Wow. Jack gave that little girl his mask, awesome.
Jack and the girl are both OK.
I've never tried, but isn't it suppossed to be harder to hot-wire a car?
2:49:29 - 2:53:52
Yes, terrorist man, go back. Take us to your leader hehe.
Wow, I can't believe Martha chickened out. Wow. Maybe she doesn't have Logan's pair after all.
Poo, terrorist guy kills himself. That's the fourteenth body hitting the floor there.
Another Chloe-light episode. I'm upset. Then again, Spencer's out of the picture now, maybe I can move in :-p

Waah, waah

Reuters: Flap brews over delay of Cheney shooting news

WASHINGTON -- President Bush knew hours after Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a fellow quail hunter but the White House came under fire today for not making the information public until the next day.
Why all this commotion about something the average person doesn't give a crap about a non-story? I don't get it.


You don't touch another man's meat.


That's gonna be a good show, but probably underappreciated. Just like Arrested Development.

Remember, 24 is tonight.

I almost forgot...

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I killed a hippie in the 60's.

I also beat the crap out of a muslim rioter in the 70's

Oh, wait... I wasn't born until '85.

Guess it wasn't me after all.


Friday, February 10, 2006

My new toy

Magellan RoadMate 760 North America

I get lost. Very easily.

I figure this is worth the money to keep me from taking a wrong turn in St. Louis and never being heard from again.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

24: 1 P.M.-2 P.M.

The 24 ReportSorry for the delay, but Blogger was down when I normally write this. Here ya go :)

Did I ever mention that Skating with Celebrities sucks??? I think I did... although I must admit that the show is starting to grow on me. They're actually pretty good... I think. I know very little about this figure skating stuff.

Spencer is a tool.
Cummings spills his guts with the background info. Prez Logan's screaming at him and stuff, he may be growing a pair after all...
Did I eever mention that Aaron is da man? Because he is, ya know...
Lynn's sister is pretty f***ed up.
Oooh, Sean Connery is gonna reprogram the remote for the canisters... What? That's not Sean Connery? I know, but he looks like him, so there! I WIN!!! *happy dance*
Spencer's coming back. Sweet. I wish I was him. Did I ever mention that I <3 Chloe???
Kim. Is. Coming. Back. This aint good.
That PayPass thing looks like a rip-off of Speedpass. I love my Speedpass.
Oooh, Martha slapped her idiot hubby, he deserved it. Jack should cut HIS eyes out.
And she's right about the Cummings issue, they should be honest.
Chloe's really pissed at Spencer... I guess I should be too. NOBODY messes with my girl Chloe.
Sweet, they got Sean Connery. I had a feeling they'd f*** this one up.
Go fig, the person behind the bed is nobody we know.
1:27:56 - 1:32:22
Doesn't the bike shop guy know better than to trust the terrorists??? What. An. Idiot.
Oooh, Sean Connery's not gonna get any pain meds... we all know what this means...
I can't believe that pussy Lynn, making Jack accept the deal. This is bull poo.
1:38:59 - 1:43:02
Sean may prove to be useful after all...
Oh F***!!! The girl's 15??? What a perv...
Letting Spencer go is the right move... clears the way for Edgar... or Jack... Just think, Jack and Chloe together. It would work.
Cummings? Suicide? Pussy.
1:48:18 - 1:52:42
<Millhouse voice>Ha ha</Millhouse voice> Lynn got his butt kicked. Sweet.
Bike shop guy. Didn't I tell you to not trust them? Are you st00pid???
Sooooo typical of 24, get someone to shoot and kill the important guy. It's always women too. You can't trust 'em.
Overall, a good episode. And there was plenty of Chloe time, so it's all good :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

24: delayed

The 24 ReportBlogger will be taken down for maintenance just after 24, so I won't get my post up until tomorrow afternoon probably, with work and all.


He's our newest member of the family. He's a Sheltie, about 6 months old that we "adopted" so to speak from my mom because he's not good breeding material with just one dropping.

He's a real character, fits in well with our other two.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Second Annual Super Bowl Predictions

Last year I got all my predictions right, let's see how it goes this year... probably not as good, it's gonna be a crapshoot.

For the Game:

The Spread:
PIT by 4½

This is a tough one. Really tough. My gut is it's gonna be a field goal though, so I have to go with Seattle here.


Only a half-point off from last year, but these offenses seem to me to be better than last years, so I'm taking the over.

UPDATE: OK, so I got 1 of 3 this year :(. Admittedly, I wasn't very confident in my picks.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Note to self

Lone Star Times » Florida has no clothes

Note to self: NEVER go to Florida... and make sure the hooker isn't a guy.

Not that I've ever hired one. Or will for that matter. There are easier ways to get laid.

Unless you're my brother, who tried to beg me to let him borrow my Visa Check Card so he could buy his girl something that he thinks MIGHT help him finally get in her pants after A YEAR AND A HALF!!!