Monday, February 20, 2006

24: 3 P.M.-4 P.M. - DAMMIT!!!

The 24 ReportComing to you like random thoughts, as written on my notepad... in order:

This week, it's House before 24. I've never seen the show, but I've heard a lot of good things about it, so I'm excited :)

OMG I've fallen in love with House (the show, not the doc)!!! It's amazing!!! But the doc's cool too, kinda reminds me of myself.
First two kills right off the bat, some guy who trusted the government guys and a guy who doesnt know where Nathanson is. Wow, my guess on B4B is gone in the first segment.
Lynn, don't they teach you to keep stuff like your keycard somewhere other than your wallet??? Sheesh, I woulda known that. This situation will turn into something later on, I guarantee it.
Lynn doesn't need to go on an egotrip, he needs to go away, preferably at the hands of Jack.
The guy that called will certainly tell us something... too bad... wait... a blood choke on Curtis. He's out for the count.
3:13:16 - 3:18:24
Is it just me, or is Lynn not happy about Jack getting away?
Yes, Chloe, delete those phone logs. I <3 U!!!
3:24:15 - 3:28:25
Lynn's starting to piss me off on his egotrip...
YES!!! A FIREFIGHT!!! One more body by my notes, a guy in the building. that makes three.
Guy is on the roof and is being chased. He's cornered, so he's SOL, right? Right???
No, Jack takes out two more guys, making the count five and forces a heli to land by shooting it full of lead.
Jack gets the data from Nathanson, and he's dead. Make that six.
3:38:18 - 3:42:32
Martha knows about the call Logan got, she doesn't like it.
I hope Lynn dies. At Jack's hands. Bad. I hate him.
3:48:40 - 3:52:52
Chloe's doing her thing and gets the info.
The guy calls Logan at a bad moment and Novick (Who looks like Cheney, so don't go hunting with him) tells 'em the route. The terrorists deploy.
Uh-oh. Martha's gonna go with them. This aint good.
THE USUAL CHLOE THOUGHT: Not too much of her, but she played a pretty signifigant role, so I'll take it. She's welcome on my couch anytime (Only one person will get that, so don't worry hehe)
Looks like the minions at CTU are gonna get some balls with Lynn. I look forward to the red shirts totally f****** something up.

That's all. Until next week, this is Justin screaming DAMMIT!!!

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