Monday, February 13, 2006

24: 2 P.M.-3 P.M. - Let the Bodies hit the Floor

The 24 ReportComing to you like random thoughts, as written on my notepad... in order:

I wonder if this'll be another Audrey-free writing. I can't stand her at all.

Great, an Emergency Alert System test just before the start. This bodes well. Oh, good, it's over in time :)
Sweet, the graphic violence warning. A strong indication of a good episode. Or is it always there? I don't remember.
Wow... The dude never noticed it was someone else's voice.
Wait, how'd they find the chip? and get it programmed??? I'm sooooo lost.
Watch Martha's aide leak what happened to the press. Watch. It.
THAT WASN'T THE DEAL!!! THEY CAN'T TAKE JACK!!! Then again, this would be boring if they didn't.
2:13:54 - 2:18:13
They should go public with what happened. But they won't.
I'm starting to like Martha, she stands by her convictions. Maybe she's had the PResident's pair all along...
Is this a Saturday? If it is, the terrorists could take out a bunch of mall rats. "Like, OMG, those guys have gas masks." "The one on the left is like soooooo hott!!!"
For some reason, I think Bll wants to beat the crud out of Lynn. That'd be the guy's second time in an hour, after all.
2:24:57 - 2:29:22
First body hits the floor. Security guard.
I'd hate to be Logan right now, having to make that decision. I have no idea what I'd do, but I think he settled on the right decision.
Uh-oh, Jack's in trouble. This should be interesting.
2:37:24 - 2:41:45
Jack's waking up... good.
Kick-pinkytoe (shout-out to sarahk), Jack's doing what he does best, killing a guy when he's in a bad position. Second body hits the floor.
I don't have a hard body count on the people that were down because of the gas. Logan was told between ten and twenty, but Jack mentioned eleven before he walked out, so I'm sticking with that. That makes thirteen bodies on the floor. Way higher than my guess on Blogs4Bauer of five.
Wow. Jack gave that little girl his mask, awesome.
Jack and the girl are both OK.
I've never tried, but isn't it suppossed to be harder to hot-wire a car?
2:49:29 - 2:53:52
Yes, terrorist man, go back. Take us to your leader hehe.
Wow, I can't believe Martha chickened out. Wow. Maybe she doesn't have Logan's pair after all.
Poo, terrorist guy kills himself. That's the fourteenth body hitting the floor there.
Another Chloe-light episode. I'm upset. Then again, Spencer's out of the picture now, maybe I can move in :-p

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