Sunday, April 30, 2006

The solution to high gas prices

Yes, that's right, I'm going to let all of y'all in on the big secret. What's going to solve the problem.


Really, it's that simple. We've got enough oil underground in the U.S. to sustain the country. But all the tree-huggers and people screaming "Not in my backyard" prevent us from doing that.

If they'd shut up, gas would likely not cost $2.85 a gallon.


Stupidity in government - Texas county to boycott Exxon Mobil

BEEVILLE — High gas prices are unquestionably painful in this small South Texas town that is at least an hour's drive from malls and specialized medical care, but some residents are doubting the wisdom of the county board's call for a boycott of Exxon Mobil Corp.

Opponents of the boycott that starts Monday note that oil and gas taxes fund much of Bee County's budget, and they say a boycott could end up harming mom-and-pop gas stations whose main profits are not from oil.

The boycott against the world's largest oil company will continue until gas is down to $1.30 a gallon, said County Judge Jimmy Martinez, the county's highest elected official. A gallon of regular unleaded cost $2.92 on average around the nation and $2.80 in the Corpus Christi region today, according to AAA.

Bee County (Web site, Wikipedia) has a total population of just over 32,000 people, what makes them think that they can have an effect on the global oil markets?

I have no idea.

Anybody got any guesses?

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Earlier I blogged about wanting the 'Stros game to rain out.

Game's over, we win 3-2. The TV cuts to commercial.

When they come back from the commercial, it's pouring.

Go figure.

At least we got the win. I can't complain about a 16-8 start to the season, even if it looks like that's only good enough for third in the division. It's only putting us back half a game.

OK, It can rain now

The 'Stros are up 3-2 on the Reds in the top of the 8th.

The threat of rain has bee hovering around all day, and I wouldn't mind it now since a rainout at this point would mean a win.

Mainly it'd just keep Lidge from blowing another one.


I heard back from them already.

My replacement copy ships out tomorrow.

Now to just find a box to ship the original back in.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Playing with Performacing

For those that don't know, Performancing is a plugin for Firefox that allows you to write a post on your blog without going through the normal methods.

Anyways, i configured my blog early on to not do line breaks automatically because it gives me more control over appearance, but it can be a pain in the butt once in a while having to put them in myself.

Anyways, I figured out how to get Performancing to put them in for me automatically. If anybody wants to know, lemme know and i'll explain.

It's not hard, I promise.

Will piss me off or not?

They're about to be tested.

I'm attempting to exchange a set of DVD's I bought last week. One of the discs was warped and got scratched up pretty bad when I tried to play it in my laptop.

Oh, you're wondering what just might piss me off, aren't you?

The packing slip didn't ever get to me. Probably Jason just chunked it when he opened the box thinking it was his. The odds are that I would have lost the slip anyways before now.

If they're going to be a pain in the ass about it they definately won't get my business again and will incur the wrath of Justin. And you don't want my wrath. It's not a pretty thing.

luck is good

Friday, April 28, 2006

We're used to it - Motiva Progressing Toward Becoming Largest U.S. Refinery
Motiva Enterprises announced Friday it has made significant progress toward a 325,000 barrel a day expansion at its refinery in Port Arthur. Sue Parsley with Motiva tells KFDM News the company has not made a final decision on the expansion and could still decide against it, but if it happens, the Motiva refinery in Port Arthur would become the largest in the country.
We have more refineries down here than you'd believe anyways. I wonder if this is the smartest investment though, as that plant got something like four feet of storm surge during Rita. Then again, it was back online in a month. A lot of 'em in Louisiana and Missisippi still aren't.

On the next InstaPodcast

(A Filthy Lie)

Did you know that Evil Glenn has a podcast? I didn't until my sources at the U of Tennessee told me. The same ones that told me about his fast food venture and who InstaGrandma was.

They also tell me that there are lots of downloads, which his site confirmed.

They informed me that on the next one he'll be interviewing the antichrist himself and then were quick to tell me that they're not talking about Dubya.

Jokingly, I asked "How can he interview himself?"

Turns out I was right. He is interviewing himself.

Should be interesting.

Friday Dogblogging 4.28.06

This week is a blast from the past.

It smells like dog around here!!!

The mountain is laughing at me!!!

That's bruiser at six weeks old. And my brother, Jason. I took these the day we got him in late June of last year.

So, he's really close to being a year old now!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I just found out something surprising about a family member.

She's pregnant, but I was already aware of that part.

The part I didn't know until about 10 minutes ago is how many.

She's having triplets.

Yea, I'm a litle surprised.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Someone please tell me that I'm not the only person to ever write an email going on about an attachment I'm sending and then forget to attach the file?

Tony Snow must be out of his mind...

There's no way I'd even THINK about taking the job of White House Press Secretary.

I definately wouldn't be a good fit for it.

Think about what House would be like if he were press secretary.

I'd be just like that.

"I just answered that question, you dimwit. Ask me again and I'll have you thrown out of here."

I don't think he'll take crap from them either, so it's probably a good fit.

Parody songs

I get ideas for parodies of songs realted to something going on in the world all the time, but I never actually wirte them.

That's going to change... first episode may be coming tonight sometime.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To the bottom of the 13th

Yes, the 'Stros have found themselves in a marathon game.

And this is stuck in my head... it just came to me.

This is the game that never ends,
Yes it goes on and on my friend.
Some people started playing it,
not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue playing it forever just because...
[repeat an infinite number of times]

It's looking like that kind of night.

Yea, I know I haven't been writing much...

I've been kinda busy getting that blog template done.

You try going through CSS code to create the look you want.

When I get this baby done, there'll be heavier blogging... or more of me going through the House season one boxed set. I haven't decided.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I'm working on the template design for the newspaper site...

In a total coincdence, I ended up using the same color scheme that Lair uses for 100 word stories.

Yea, I could ask for permission or something like that, but I think I'm just going to go through a color scheme change. I probably would have changed it three more times before I send it out anyways.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Added it, then removed it

I was going to put a link it to my pre-haloscan comments, but when I had the tagboard (which I had for over a year), people usually left comments on it, so I decided it was pointless.

If anything, I know how Blogger works a little better now...

In a related note, when the hell will Blogger get this intermittent publishing problem that's been happening all day fixed???

The Comfort Brigade

Over at , Harvey lets us know the story that was missed in the whole UC Santa Cruz antiwar boondoggle.

What can I say? I love it!!!

Bandwidth conservation over social networking College bans to save bandwidth

CORPUS CHRISTI — Del Mar College students who want to surf their online social scene at will have to use computers outside the school's system.

The Corpus Christi community college blocked the site recently in response to complaints about sluggish Internet speed on campus computers. An investigation found that heavy traffic at was eating up too much bandwidth, said August Alfonso, the school's chief of information and technology.

Well, that's an interesting approach to solving your problem. Give the students a week and they'll find a way around it. There are places all over the web that can do that.

The thing with all the use is, as I've been told, that it's like the crack of the internet.

As a MySpace user, I don't see it.


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Pure. Laziness.

Most Texas Counties Lacking Cell Phone 911 Technology

Basically all that our wonderful local TV station did was copy and paste the AP wire story. I guess they were too busy covering the Neches River Festival or something to do a little digging and see which counties in the area don't have it.

About right...

Carlos Mencia's Wetback Mountain

Hat-tip: Mattaspundit

I really should watch his show more. It's hilarious.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My 100 word story on bunnies

Here goes.

Beagles were bred to hunt rabbits, but mine’s just a pet. I’ll probably never take Bruiser out hunting but I think he’d be good at it. You should see him try to kill his squeaky toys.

A couple of weeks ago I got an idea. I could buy a bunny and let it out into the backyard with Bruiser. However, knowing Bruiser and my luck, he’d probably just walk up to the bunny and sniff it, so we’d be stuck with another critter to feed. Either that or I’d be stuck cleaning up dead bunny remnants strewn about the backyard.

You can listen to the recording of mine, as well as the other ten entries, by clicking here.

I think Elisson took this one.

I'm already working on this week's story, whose theme is five minutes late. Let's just say that I have a really good idea.

One of my favorite times of the year

Playoff hockey time!!!

The Houston Aeros are up 1-0 in their first series of the AHL playoffs after beating the Peoria Rivermen 5-4 in OT. I thought they were gonna lose for sure since they were down 4-2 after two. Peoria came out playing very physical and in the third period the Aeros started playing a more physical style and put up the two goals that tied it within 30 seconds of each other.

The Stars play the Colorado Avalanche in the first round of the NHL playoffs. Playoff series between them are always heated, should be a good one. The first game is currently scoreless through about 12 minutes in the first period.

Call me a homer, but I think one of these teams will win their league.

UPDATE: Stars down 4-2 with 6:30 left in the second *sigh*

More light blogging

No funny excuse this time either.

Don't get the hot dogs at the Toyota Center. I had one last night and I'm feelin sick to my stomach.

At least I'm not puking.

Oh yea, The Aeros won 5-4 in OT and the gal that I went with has some major explaining to do.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Dogblogging 4.21.06

This week it's Petey and Bruiser

What the heck is Bear barking at???

There's no telling...

My apologies for the quality... I accidentally set the quality on the JPEG too low. Won't happen again. Set it at 6 instead of 9 (out of 12).

Light blogging

Ne funny excuse today.

I'm going to Houston tonight for the Aeros first playoff game tonight at the Toy Box and got my oil changed earlier.

So, yea, I've been busy.

I'll do dogblogging tomorrow.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Carnival of Jenny!!!

I figure that title is appropriate considering today's date...

No time for rambling, so ON WITH THE LINK-FEST!!!

Most Recent Episode Goodness:

Steve from ThoughtsOnline brings us his latest set of 24isms.

Jeff from Peace Like A River brings us an in-depth breakdown of Monday's episode, with stats at the end for all you statgeeks out there.

Emperor Misha I of Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler brings his usual roll around on the floor laughing for the next half-hour summary of the show.

Al of Random Thoughts lets us know that he was wrong about Audrey and his thoughts on Monday's episode.

Karen from The View From My Chair muses on this week's episode and last week's, too.

Wookie reminds us that nobody sucker punches Jack Bauer, provides a summary and the all important Jack Bauer Moment Of Zen™ at Cake or Death.

Pantrygirl brings us the Midnight hour at Now What?,

King Tom brings us a sleepover at his kingdom.

Other Goodness:

Crusader Coyote of The Templar Times reminds us that Jack Bauer Appreciation Day is coming up on May 9th and suggests that people use the day to honor the heroes that really keep evil at bay every day so we don't have to.

FIAR from Radioactive Liberty has decided that "War for oil is war for me" and thinks that Jack needs to get out of the way. If gas gets much more expensive I may be standing right next to him.

It seems that Fmragtops of Fmragtops Spews is already standing beside FAIR.

JivinJ of JivinJehoshaphat has a question for all of us. If I knew, I'd tell you.

Will from The Electric Goose has created a handy A to Z guide for 24.

Timmay of Timmay's Rants and Raves muses on how Logan's end will come about.

Dr. Blogstein theorizes how things would have gone differently had Jack Bauer led the Jews out of Egypt instead of Moses.

The Man decided to take a break from bringing us all down to let us know that Jack Bauer is the new White House Press Secretary over at GOP and the City.

Next week's carnival will be hosted at Below the Beltway.

I'd like to thank Blogs4Bauer for allowing my humble little blog to host this week's carnival and all the people that sent in their submissions. May you all have many, many hits.

If I messed up your entry, which is easy to do with this, just drop me an email or IM me and I'll fix it soon as I can.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

awwwwww - Kris Benson Rediscovering the Whore He First Fell in Love With

Orioles pitcher Kris Benson says that with his highly-publicized marital issues behind him, he has a renewed dedication to making his marriage to his ex-stripper wife, Anna, work. And in doing so, he is gradually rediscovering the ho bag he fell in love with eight years ago.

Aint love great?

I love SportsPickle.

Trailer Trash

(A Precision Guided Humor Assignment)

I hate to break it to y'all, but those trailers that were found in Iraq had nothing to do with WMD's.

They were actually part of a plot to Americanize Iraqis.

How, you ask?

Easy, they wanted trailer parks to live in.

And you have to have trailers to have a trailer park.

They were also working on a way to put camels on cement blocks.

Blog Meeting

I think the meeting went O.K.

I think that this project has a chance of being a big hit locally.

Maybe even bigger than this place... although that doesn't say much.

Playing the race card

Pajamas Media: Pajama(s Media) party (UPDATED)

Musing on the reasons for the existence of such hatred for her, Michelle surmises that the Left feels a sense of betrayal with her; many feel that she should be on their side because they believe that is where all women and non-whites should be.

Here we go again. Malkin's playing the race card.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering her recent activities, but you have no idea how much I hate the race card.

I'm glad that I didn't call her a "blog hottie" like I was thinking about last month for a PGHA or I would have been called sexist.


A jury summons arrived at my door this morning.

This is shalping up to be a really good day.

Please save me the whole "being on a jury is your civic duty" crap. You're wasting your time.

Maybe I wouldn't have a problem with it if they actually went about calling juries the way perscribed by law (drivers license rolls) instead of using voter registration rolls, like everybody in this state knows they do.

Strap in. There might be some angry blogging on the way.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Meeting tomorrow

The newspaper blog meeting for the blog I've talked about before is tomorrow.

Maybe I'll have credibility as a blogger now that I seem to have awakened the Malkinites...

A New High

No, not that.

I put up a 184 during a practice game of bowling earlier this afternoon, which beats my old high of 178.

Yay me!!!

Congrats Michelle


The anti-troops brigade at UC Santa Cruz has now called in the left-wing blogosphere's kings of hate to attack me. For what? For linking to a Students Against War press release bragging about booting military recruiters off campus and for re-posting publicly available contact info for the SAW press machine.

Congrats Michelle on not just the death threats WHICH YOU FAIL TO MENTION THAT THE STUDENTS WHOSE CONTACT INFO YOU PUBLISHED ARE ALSO RECIEVING but for being chosen as today's "Worst Person in the World" by Keith Olbermann.

Video of Malkin being named on Olbermann's show is available in her post linked to earlier.

Call me cold or whatever the heck you want, but she earned the threats. I have absolutely no sympathy for people who bring something like that on other peoplewhen you publish their contact info, weither it be intentional or inadvertent. It's not like leaving it out would have seriously hurt your credibility as a blogger or columnist.

And while we're at it, let me address you calling them "punks." I thought that half the idea of combatting idiots was to rise above them instead of resorting to namecalling, but maybe I'm wrong.

Wonder if this makes me a wacko lefty...

UPDATE: Please tell me that I don't have to explain to all of you that there's a difference between condoning something and not feeling sorry for the person who it's happening to. *sigh*

UPDATE 2: The more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe she WANTED the kids to be harassed. Why else would she have copied-and-pasted their info?

UPDATE 3: One word sums it all up: Karma.

Monday, April 17, 2006

What do you call it?

Preston Wilson struck out FIVE TIMES last night.

I know three K's is a hat trick and four is the golden sombrero, but what do you call five?

I simply call it RI-F******-DICULOUS

At least they won the game.

Stupid TxDOT

They put some new signs up at a few points along the freeways in town. I have no idea what they say since they decided to be dumb and use a font that's too small to read buzzing by at 65 MPH.

All I know is that they're white with a small yellow bar up top.

Probably have something to do with evacuations and contra-flow since contra-flow now appears to be state policy for evacuations on at least one route out of Beaumont.

I may go by one tomorrow with a camera and snap a shot so I can read it.

The Pulitzer committee missed out

The Pulitzer winners were announced today.

I didn't win one.

Getting good all of a sudden

I went to the bowling alley to practice today.

Roger, one of the guys I know from up there who was bowling with me, decided he was gonna work on me.

He handed me one of his balls and a wrist brace to use. He worked with me on my technique and I improved drastically. Bowled a 166 my last game and almost beat Roger.

I probably should say that Roger was having a bad game then. He averages almost 200 and had bowled a 269 earlier.

The people on my team, especially Verne and Jimmy, are gonna shit a brick Thursday.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Crawford, anybody?

I've been offered a trip to Crawford the first weekend of May to protest the whole border security thingamajigger going on.

I'm really not even sure what I think on the issue, much less if I wanna go.

We'll see what happens, but odds are I won't go.

Wandy on my back

Today I decided to spend way too much money on a custom Wandy Rodriguez (stats) jersey.

Wandy is by far my favorite up-and-coming Astro. He;s looked good this year (2-0, ERA under 3) and I think has the potential to become a really good pitcher.

Well, that and I'd be the only one in the ballpark with one of his jerseys.

Blogging will be light today...

Blogging will be light today because the Easter Bunny is trying to kill me.

Ya see, a few years ago I thought it would be worth a laugh or two to get out the shotgun and take a couple shots at the Easter Bunny. It's then I learned that he doesn't share my sense of humor.

All my friends think that I'm crazy when I tell them that the Easter Bunny wants me dead, but he showed up at my house last year with an uzi.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

So, just what is a South Park Republican?

If you look over by the picture of Bender South Park character-looking pic at the top of the sidebar, you'll see that I identify myself as a South Park Republican.

Considering Wiki's usually insanely unreliable when it comes to anything having to do with politics, I was surprised to find that their article is actually well put together and is what I'd consider to be an accurate description.

To sum it up, basically it means that we're pretty much in the middle on our political views, leaning just a little to the right.

Or as Matt Stone, one of the show's co-creators said: "I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals."

So, what does a South Park Republican look like?

Well, here's a picture of me that I created using South Park Studio Version 2 with some modifications I did in photoshop to make the clothing look like more like stuff I actually own and wear.

And since all bloggers are essentially link-whores, If you create your own South Park Republican and post in on your blog, I'll link to the post and your homepage in this post. All I ask in return is that you also link back here. Just get ahold of me when you get it up and I'll edit in the link.

Don't know how to get ahold of me? Click here and you'll be taken right to the contact info section in the sidebar. Look in the lighter green. See it? Good.

Have fun y'all :)


Bad Example - This is how I Felt

123beta - South Park Republican

Chaikaroma - What do South Park Republicans look like?


I'm calling the vet monday to see about getting Bruiser microchipped.

Like all beagles, he has a strong desire to escape our backyard and explore, so he digs. We found a hole that he was working on today and one of his tags laying there.

It's the second time he's lost his tags this year and I'm willing to spend the money so that I know he'll be ok if he does manage to escape and gets found.


That's the topic for this week's 100 word story challenge.

I can do something with this. Something dark.

I encourage any of y'all that are reading this to join in and write one of your own.

Jeniece, this might be good for you.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The end is near

(A Filthy Lie)

It's coming...

On December 12, 2012 at 11:11 AM GMT


At least that's what former Philadelphia Phillies catcher Darren Daulton (Wiki, Stats), a.k.a. Dutch, says.

Dutchy has many strange beliefs, but in an exclusive interview he's revealed to me the real cause of the end of the world, and that it has nothing to do with the Mayan calendar, as previously claimed.

"Yea, that whole mayan calendar thing turned out to just be a conicidence," Daulton said. "The real cause of the apocolypse is a lawyer from the University of Tennessee."

I asked him to explain

"The lawyer will be presenting a case concerning an enviromental law to the U.S. Supreme Court and will only say 'heh,' 'indeed,' and '<a href="" target="_blank">," said Daulton. "It's really weird."

I had a sneaking suspicion who had put the lawyer up to it, so I asked him if he knew.

"Yes I do," said Daulton. "His name is Glenn Reynolds. He was a professor at the University of Tennessee when the lawyer attended law school there."

Dutchy then went on to inform me that Reynolds had left the University of Tennessee and was serving as the governor of the state.

I thanked Dalton for his time and wished him the best.

You have no idea how much I'm hoping that Dutchy is wrong. It's a scary thought that Evil Glenn would be elected to anything.

Comedy Central censoring South Park

AP: 'South Park' creators banned from showing image of Islamic prophet

NEW YORK - Banned by Comedy Central from showing an image of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, the creators of "South Park" skewered their own network for hypocrisy in the cartoon's most recent episode.

The comedy - in an episode aired during Holy Week for Christians - instead featured an image of Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the American flag.

In an elaborately constructed two-part episode of their Peabody Award-winning cartoon, "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker intended to comment on the controversy created by a Danish newspaper's publishing of caricatures of Muhammad. Muslims consider any physical representation of their prophet to be blasphemous.

South Park has always been unafraid to offend anybody and everybody. I think that's why the show is so popular.

Episodes like Trapped in the Closet, which made fun of scientology, Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow, making fun of global warming and Katrina, are what I think makes the show what it is.

The most controversy about that episode, however, is the part where they showed Jesus and President Bush defecating on each other and the American flag.

I'm a Christian AND a Bush supporter... do you think I was bothered by that one bit?

Nope. Unlike most people, I can take a joke.

Lighten up, people.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Friday Dogblogging 4.14.06

Petey hasn't been with us in a while. Let's fix that.

Why should I get off? I'm comfortable here.

You're not suppossed to be up there, that simple.

Of course, as soon as I walked out the room he hopped back on. Oh well, we're all about to head to bed anyways.

It's official: Moussaoui is nucking futs Moussaoui's regret: Not killing more on Sept. 11

Zacarias Moussaoui proudly reaffirmed his involvement in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist plot Thursday and said his only regret was that more Americans didn't die.

Taking the stand for the second time at his death penalty trial, Moussaoui very calmly and matter-of-factly said the sobbing Sept. 11 survivors and family members who testified against him were "disgusting," the testimony of one man who crawled out of his burning Pentagon office was "pathetic," and executed Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is "the greatest American."

Yep. That seals the deal. He's crazy.

Here's what we need to do with this lunatic:

Hold a raffle and make tickets a buck a piece. The winner of the raffle gets to carry out the execution of Moussaoui in any way they choose. All the money raised goes to help the families of 9/11 victims.

You'd make millions!!!

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Playing with my balls

No, it's not what you think, I swear.

You see, Thursday night is my bowling night.

Tonight we got started late because of power problems at the bowling alley that were on the power company. Having seen the problem, I sarcastically thought to myself, "well, this is gonna be a great night."

It wasn't bad, really.

I average a measley 114, and I managed to bowl a 134, 102, and the last one I think was a 132.

I'll take it.

I'm getting to the point where I'm learning what's working for me and what isn't, so I'll be able to improve. I'll go in a couple times before next week and roll some practice games to work on my consistency more than anything else.

The game can be as frustrating as golf. If you've ever seen me swing a golf club, you'd know why I prefer bowling.

I know who's NOT getting my season ticket money

The Houston Texans sealed the deal today.

I got in the season ticket waiting list because I was thinking about doing that instead of hockey next year.

Today I got two tickets to the Texans draft party in the mail from them. There's just one problem.

The letter was addressed to Brandon Yarbrough.

I'm not Brandon Yarbrough. I don't even know one.

That's right, the team can't even manage to handle a fucking mail merge program right.

Guess the Wildcatters will be getting my money after all...

Carnival Stuff

This week's Carnival of Bauer is up at Inn of the Last Home

Next week's edition will be hosted here, so get in your submissions!

For the basics on the Carnival, either click here or the carnival logo above. Deadline for submissions is midnight Wednesday.

The clock is ticking...

What Winter Sport Are You?

Last one, Promise.

You Are Curling
What you lack in athleticism, you make up for in concentration. And while curling isn't much more of a sport than bowling, you *can* win a gold medal for it!

The Muppet Personality Test

I can't sleep, so sue me. It's not like I have much money as it is.

You Are Animal
A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts. You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary. But you sure can beat a good drum. "Kill! Kill!"

Anybody want a Gmail account?

Ask and ye shall recieve. I've got 100 invites I can burn through...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reuters screws up

(A Precision-Guided Humor Assignment)

Recently Reuters reported that terrorists had captured a downed helicopter in Iraq. The video that was part of the claim was, however, timestamped 2000 and most likely was from a crash in Afghanastan.

This begs the question, what else will Reuters probably fall for?

I'm thinking that they'll mistakenly believe other videos are genuine.

A simple search for Bin Laden on Google Video reveals many videos that would be obviously fake to the average person. However, a video like this outtake would likely be taken seriously at Reuters headquarters. The same mistake could be made for this video, or even this one.

Heck, they might even fall for this:

(Made using's SignMaker)

Sad, aint it?

Rain, rain, go away

The Astros were rained out AGAIN in San Francisco.

They've scheduled a double-header for Thursday to make up the game that was postponed yesterday. No word on when they'll make up today's game yet.

At least the rain chances for tomorrow in San Fran aren't too outrageous at only 30%.

How would you handle a washed-out series anyways? And this is our only trip to San Francisco this year. Would they have to make up the game in Houston? I remember the Marlins had to do that at Wrigley in Chicago a year or two ago after a hurricane.

Related Links: Weather Underground: San Francisco, CA

The return of 100 Words or Les Nessman???

Lair is talking about bringing it back.

It looks like it'd be a weekly thing, which will give me plenty of time to write and record a story.

I'm probably going to implement background music in my stories so it sounds cooler. I'll probably lift some small tidbits of songs I listen to and loop them softly in the background. I'd really love to do one with the guitar at the start of Possum Kingdom... then again, I just think that's a cool rift :)

If you're not familiar with the song, click here to check out my very much under construction myspace page. It's the song that starts playing.

I swear I'm gonna customize the hell out of that page, I just got it earlier this week and haven't gotten around to it yet. It's not exactly a priority of mine.

An honor

The Feline Theocracy has named me Artist of the Court of the Feline Theocracy for some of my photoshop work.

K T, I'm honored.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rape? Doubt it.

Offbeat, yet on the issues affecting today's world.
A brief commentary by Justin L. Yarbrough

WARNING: If you can't handle someone calling it exactly like they see it, don't read on.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to chime in on the whole Duke men’s Lacrosse team rape scandal at the risk of looking like your typical 21-year-old guy at the end of this.

I'd like to think of myself as being cut out of a higher-quality moral fabric than most folks. I don’t like the town bicycle type (you know, everybody’s had a ride) but prefer the kind of girl that I can introduce to grandma without her rolling her eyes. A lot of guys don’t think that way though. And that’s a shame. They’re the same guys that make dating hard on the good guys out there by giving all of us a bad name.

I follow a lot of sports. I really don’t follow much lacrosse because there isn’t much of it in Texas to follow, but I’ll watch it whenever it’s on ESPN. I think of it as hockey on grass. In that light, I think of the players as being about the same too.

My hometown, Beaumont, is the home of a minor-league hockey franchise, the Texas Wildcatters of the ECHL. Being a minor-league team, many of the players are no more than two or three years out of college when they come here to play.. A lot of them take advantage of their “minor celebrity” status that, for some reason, attracts a lot of the aforementioned “town bicycle” types. I don’t think that the players would ever actually cross the line and rape someone though. They’re, for the most part, good guys.

With all that said, I'm not surprised at all that they have parties with strippers and the like going on. I have, though, thought from the start that the rape allegations are probably BS and just her way of taking advantage of the situation. I don’t think that these kids would really do it. I mean, really, with a status like that why would they need to? They can find plenty of young, willing participants (for lack of a better word). They don’t need to rape someone.

I'm not saying that I condone that kind of thing going on, because I don't. It goes against my morals. But at the same time I'm not going to assume that because they do that they're capable of raping someone. Rape is on a totally different level than having a party with strippers or consensual sex with a woman that would be considered “easy.” If they did actually rape the woman, then throw them in jail and toss the key. I just don’t think that they did it.

I'm watching American Idol...

...but only because it's on before House.

So, which contestant is Paula boinking this year?

I Support The Feline Theocracy

Let me give y'all a little background on this issue.

On Sunday, fellow blogger K T Cat hosted Carnival of the Cats #107. In it, three posts were left out from Sissy, a frequent contributor to the carnival. The thing about the posts is that they do, in fact, include a picture of her cats, but the content of the posts is not always cat-related.

Admittedly, I pondered the same question when I hosted last month but ended up including them.

Well, cnotroversy erupted after that, as you could see in the comments for the carnival and a few posts from around the blogosphere. Even Laurence, the mastermind of the carnival, chimed in.

The good news is that now they've all made up. I told K T Cat that I was gonna make that graphic though, and I did.

I just figured it needed an explination with it too.

The 'Stros so far

My guys are 5-2 though the first seven on the season.

The offense has looked stronger than I thought it would be and the pitching has been good outside of Pettitte's bad game and the Qualls meltdown.

At least Pettitte got that bad game out of his system early this year.

I can live with how they look.

And, to you "experts" at ESPN, keep on discounting us. We're used to it. We'll be glad to make you eat your words again.

They head off to the land of loonies for a three game set with the Giants and their over-hyped slumping flak-seed oil connosseur in left field that kicks off tonight at 9:15 Central time.

I hate left coast trips.

UPDATE: No game tonight. Rained out. We play two on Thursday.

mad sk1llz


No, I can't do that. I don't have the patience.

The Justin's Broke Fund

I put a paypal link on the sidebar.

I don't expect to get any money from it, but I've never been one to turn down free money. :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

An update on the thing with the newspaper

(Background: this post from Friday)

I got an email back from the paper's features editor today. Apparently he likes my writing style or something and oushed to get me on the project. After some consideration I decided to go ahead and get involved with it.

There's gonna be a meeting with the others sometime soon where we'll figure out just where we're going with this.

I'll keep y'all updated on the project's progress.

Stupid question

A chick I know told me yesterday that I'm not cute, but I'm not ugly either.

I've been racking my brain trying to decide if I was complimented or insulted.

She told me that it's sort of a quasi-complement. The margarine of complements. You're the Diet Coke of complements. Just one calorie, not complement-y enough.

Just not in those exact words.

I'm not so sure about it though. What y'all think?


I should know better than to post a question looking for opinions, I never get any answers...

I'll paypal a nickel to the person who can tell me what movie I took a quote from and tweaked it for this.... but you HAVE to leave your thoughts on what she told me too.

Too much time on your hands

Mattsapundit: They're everywhere

I don't know what to say...

Extreme Makeover Sabine Pass airs Friday

I blogged about it before when they were down here.

It's on Friday night at 7 central.

I don't know if I'm gonna watch yet but there's a chance since the 'Stros are in Arizona at the Ballpark formerly known as the BOB and the game doesn't start until about 8:30

You CAN go back

I'd stopped going to college in the fall because I needed money. I got a gig after Rita working for a fence contractor and I can't complain about how that's gone, but it's not something I'm wanting to do for forever, so I'm going back.

My new major will likely be Criminal Justice. I REALLY wanna go into law enforcement, be it here in Texas or somewhere else.

Too much time on my hands

Click the comments link. I totally redesigned the CSS for it so that it would look all pretty and kinda match my blog.

I can live with it.

Death to America

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A good decision

Recently I'd decided that I needed to remove someone from my life.

She managed to talk me out of it.

I thought I'd end up regretting letting her do that.

I don't. Not one bit.

If you're reading this, you know who you are.

Thanks. :)

Time to panic in NYC???

The Yankees are 1-4 after having dropped two of three in Oakland and their dirst two against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the United States of America of the planet Earth, or whatever they're calling themselves now.

So, should they panic?

Probably not. It's unrealistic to think that they'd keep this slump going through the season.

But all of us Yankees-haters can hope, can't we?

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

No thanks

The Beaumont Enterprise - We're looking for young bloggers

Emphasis added by me.

Like, you know, instant messages,, cellphone pictures. If you love the Net, then you might be for us.


Contact features editor Peter Szatmary at or by phone at (409) 833-3311 ext. 485, by April 10 with your age, school, year, address, phone number, and, if you have them, writing samples. Cya.

I'd consider it if they wrote the story, if you can call it that, in an intelligent way instead of trying to be cute with it.


Why must they always try to sink down to what they consider to be our level instead of treating us like the intelligent young adults we are?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Dogblogging 4.7.06

I told you we'd be moving to Friday...

You got a problem with it?

You don't wanna cross Bruiser. He'll lick ya to death.

Cross-platform computer viruses

(Via TechBlog)

There's been a computer virus released into the wild that will not only affect Windows machines, but ones running versions of the Linux OS too.

The virus appears to be low-impact at this time, but that doesn't mean that more potent viruses won't emerge in the future, so be careful and always remember to use protection while surfing the web.

More info can be found here.

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No partying Saturday night

Simple reason, I'm going to the 'Stros game Sunday afternoon.

I'd have to wake up too early to stay out after work and pound down a few.

I doubt I'll have any at the game since there's something unappealing about paying $7.50 for a ballpark beer.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Carnival of Bauer™ is coming here...

I'm going to be hosting The Carnival of Bauer™ on 4/20

With that dubious date (explained here), I'll probably take a little liberty with the name.

I think I know which dead character will get a mention.

and, oh yea, look at this week's Carnival over at B4B.

Stupid me...

I, stupidly, said I'd work Saturday night when Ford Park called and asked if I would.

I should be off early enough that I'll still be able to go out with Casey afterwards to celebrate my b-day.

Oh well, I could use the money.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Since baseball season's starting...

...It's time to bring back the best blog in all of baseball...

Plunk Biggio

Sidebar extreme makeover

I decided it'd look better if the sidebar content sections fit the template style.

It'll take a little getting used to, but I do think it looks better than the tables that I did have set up.

Thanks to Blogger For Dummies for helping me figure out how to do it.

Also, I decided to kill the thing comparing the weather in St. Louis to Beaumont since we're coming out of this sorry excuse for a winter. Well, that and I thought it took up too much space, especially with the new design, and just didn't look right.

The two things that I killed out of links and stuff I decided just didn't fit here. Well, that and they never added me to the blogrolls like they should have.

I'll think of some other uninteresting crap to replace it with later.

DeLay's sudden departure DeLay surprise throws GOP into disarray

U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay was a master of political maneuvering in Congress, but the timing of his surprising and sudden decision to resign left Houston-area Republicans in political disarray Tuesday.

The GOP was scrambling to find a candidate to replace DeLay on the November general election ballot and worrying about when to hold a special election to finish his current term.

DeLay, R-Sugar Land, caught most politicians off guard with his announcement that he will not seek re-election and will make himself ineligible to run or serve by moving to Virginia.

Well, all I can say about this for sure is that his resignation will probably help the chances of a republican getting elected out of Sugar Land.

The Democrat's nominee, Nick Lampson, represented my area before Texas' controversial redistricting plan (a map can be viewed here) was passed in 2003, so he's not exactly some guy who's never held office before.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Opening day pics

They're up here.

You probably have to be logged into Yahoo to see them.

My crazy day

I can't sleep, so I'm gonna write.

The craziness started about 1 PM today when I took my car to get it inspected. I was planning on doing it Friday before it expired, but when I finally got back from Houston I didn't feel like dealing with it, so I decided I'd deal with it Monday before the game.

My car had a problem. The light on the back that lights up the license plate at night went out, so I went to AutoZone and bought a replacement bulb. A two-pack ran $2.70. I went home and installed it which was an experience since I had no idea how to do it because that was seemingly the only bulb they didn't say how to replace in the manual.

I grabbed my ticket and camera and headed out the door since the place I take my car for inspections is on the way to Houston.

I drove up and parked my car. The guy there simply told me to pull it in the garage, so I did. He checked the light and set me up with everything I needed. That ran me $12.50.

I'd told him that that little bulb is something that I wouldn't even think to check. He, in a statement that later proved itself to be very ominous, told me to just be glad it was him and not a cop, or I'd be looking at a $60 ticket for it. I'm thinking "sweet, I just saved myself from a ticket." That's a big deal since my insurance is up at the end of the month.

I went on and drove in to Houston taking Highway 90 instead of I-10 since I'd been told there were some delays because of construction along the way. It was uneventful, something I like in a drive.

Parking was a royal pain in the ass. The lot I picked was way too pricey, but I didn't feel like walking very far. They wiggled me into a space that really wasn't a space.

I got in the ballpark no problem. I went to my kick-ass seat eight rows off the field and decided it was hot and I needed a drink, so I got in line at the concession stand. I went to feel for my wallet and noticed it wasn't there. I though "oh shit," and then realized that I probably just forgot to put it back in my pocket after I parked so it was still in the car.

Needless to say, I went back out and retrieved my wallet from the center console. About then I was thinking it was worth it to pay twenty bucks to park across the street.

I went back in, got a Dr. Pepper and started snapping pictures, the best of which will be uploaded somewhere later.

Then the pregame festivities started. I thought it was a nice touch that Bagwell got introduced with the team even if he's on the DL. The man's been a staple in Houston for fifteen years and he deserved it, as well as the thundrous ovation he got for about two minutes.

My gut is that he's not coming back. If that's the case, I've been told that his number 5 will be retired this year. I'll be there for that come hell or high water.

The game was great. It wasn't the prettiest one ever played by any stretch of the imaginathin though. I'll probably write about the game when I get the pictures up, I' ve got almost 60 to sort through.

When the game was over it took seemingly forever to get out of my section, but the drive out was painless, took less than five minutes to get on the freeway, even if it wasn't the one I would have Ideally wanted on. No biggie, I just hopped on the loop and went to I-10. Five, ten minutes out of the way at most. Not a big deal to me.

The Trinity River bridge was down to one lane for some repairs by the looks of things. Night work is pretty common around here since it doesn't have a big impact on traffic. Probably took me twenty minutes to cover a stretch that would normally have taken me five, but no biggie. I mean, it wasn't the Rita evacuation by any stretch of the imagination.

I was happy to be just outside of town when I have an OH F@#$ moment. I wasn't paying close attention to the spedometer and there were flashing red and blue lights in my rear-view. I pulled over and the state trooper told me I was speeding and asked for my license and insurance. He ran the info and sent me off with a warning. Right about then I'm not thanking just him but God, my ex-girlfriends, people I've never met, all that that I didn't get a ticket. I figured I was screwed when I got a trooper since I've always heard that they tended to be pains in the ass. This one was really nice, so I now have a much better opinion of them.

I was also thanking myself for the inspection because If I hadn't have taken care of that stuff I would have gotten a ticket for sure.

I got home and popped in the tape of 24 since this house is still without TiVo. The audio on the tape sucked the big one. The background music was really loud and the voices were barely a whisper.

And Logan's behind at least part of the plot. I knew there was something shifty about that bastard.

Ok, I'm gonna get some sleep now that I'm done with this.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Baseball gane stuff coming tomorrow

I'm about to start watching 24 and I'm hitting the sack after that.

Marlins @ Astros postgame call-in

this is an audio post - click to play

Yea, it sucked. Let me get used to the feature, I'll do better next time

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Oops, I totally forgot to do it. Guess I had too much of Evil Glenn chasing me.

That's OK, I'll make it up to y'all next week.

Jerry Garcia's throne stolen from driveway

AP: Late Grateful Dead Leader's Toilet Stolen

SONOMA, California - The long, strange trip continues for Jerry Garcia's toilet. Police say the Grateful Dead leader's commode was stolen recently from a driveway along with three other toilets and a bidet, The Press Democrat newspaper reported Saturday.


Last month, [Henry] Koltys sold the Grateful Dead singer's toilet for $2,550 to online casino, which planned to use it as part of a traveling marketing exhibit. The casino is offering a $250 reward for its return.

I hope whoever stole it keeps it. I think the price is way too low to give it back and allow the Golden Palace people to do their usual stupid antics.

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Blogging will be light the next few days...

Blogging will be light the next few days because Glenn Reynolds has confused me for a hobo.

Apparently he thinks that I"m good material for a few baskets at TFH.

I've attempted to get a restraining order against him, but it would seem that all the judges are conspiring against me.

Maybe they're all cannibals too and want to eat me. Sick bastards.

Regular blogging will resume whenever the hell I can get Glenn to leave me alone. Probably a few days.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

NCAA National Semis

I called it. Both Florida and UCLA won.

A new source for stem cells?

Reuters: Firm claims it made stem cells from testes

WASHINGTON - Researchers said today they had transformed immature cells from men's testicles into powerful stem cells, which they then coaxed into becoming nerve, heart and bone cells.

I have some advice for all of you men whose signifigant other carries your balls in her purse.

Get them back, because she could get mad at you and donate them to science.

We wouldn't want that, now would we?

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