Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Support The Feline Theocracy

Let me give y'all a little background on this issue.

On Sunday, fellow blogger K T Cat hosted Carnival of the Cats #107. In it, three posts were left out from Sissy, a frequent contributor to the carnival. The thing about the posts is that they do, in fact, include a picture of her cats, but the content of the posts is not always cat-related.

Admittedly, I pondered the same question when I hosted last month but ended up including them.

Well, cnotroversy erupted after that, as you could see in the comments for the carnival and a few posts from around the blogosphere. Even Laurence, the mastermind of the carnival, chimed in.

The good news is that now they've all made up. I told K T Cat that I was gonna make that graphic though, and I did.

I just figured it needed an explination with it too.

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