Friday, July 28, 2006

They're not making the playoffs....


LONDON - Tour de France champion Floyd Landis tested positive for excess testosterone after stage 17 of the Tour De France.

"We're baffled that anybody in France would have any at all, let alone an excess," said an official with the tour that spoke on condition of anonymity.

He went on to say that a raid on Landis' hotel room found a pair of testicles, something else the French aren't familiar with.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Changes at the New York Times

(A Precision Guided Humor Assignment)

The New York Times has been making changes to save money. Apparently letting out secret government programs isn't as profitable as they thought it would be.

They're starting to think outside the box.... at least for a newspaper.

Main thing they're doing is messing with their departments on the content side

COPY EDITING - Outsourced to India. Considering the quality of most copy-editing by people who speak english, there should be no noticeable difference.

SPORTS - Sports bloggers. Most likely Deadspin.

NEWS - Monkeys, just to piss off FrankJ.

FEATURES - High School newspaper departments will rotate this job.

WEEKEND MAGAZINE - They're just going to toss in stuff like SI, People, and Newsweek. They were going to do Penthouse, but there were objections for some reason.

What? They wanted to do it for the articles!!!

Unfortunately, that's all I know about.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

I don't care if you pay me millions, I will not call them that.

This has to be worse than when the Angels changed their name from "The Anaheim Angels" to "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim"

Houston Business Journal: Chick-fil-A 'fowl poles' to make debut at Minute Maid Park

The Houston Astros and Chick-fil-A have inked a sponsorship agreement through 2008 that will bring the restaurant chain's "Eat Mor Chikin" Cows to Minute Maid Park.

The Chick-fil-A "Fowl Poles" will make their debut on July 25 for the start of the Astros' homestand against the Cincinnati Reds.

The yellow right-field and left-field poles will each feature three renegade cows wearing Astros hats. The baseball-themed cows will be hanging off both poles in fair territory and carrying their message of "Eat Mor Fowl."

The only thing "fowl" about this deal is the pun. It's just pun-ishing.

No, I will not refer to them as the fowl poles when I'm at the game Thursday night. I despise the nickname that much.

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Hat-tip: blogHOUSTON's Bad Sports - Fowl poles coming to Minute Maid
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Where's my street???

No, really, where is it???

I guess it's under there somewhere...

Just don't have the bottom fall out on the way to Houston this time, please.....

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dogblogging may be late this week

I'm working a concert Friday, so I may not have time to take care of dogblogging before I depart to get there and work in the hot July Southeast Texas weather.

If you're curious, it's Dierks Bentley.

Just don't ask me what to expect, besides drunken rednecks at the end of the night.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Don't go cheap on hardware

When I bought all the parts for my computer I bought a DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive on the cheap.

I know now that it was a mistake.

The worthless piece of junk has already died on me, giving me an excuse to do the upgrade to that drive that I've been wanting to do for about a month now so I'm not too upset :)

NOTE TO SELF: Don't buy Emprex.

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How soon until the media freaks???

I looked at Weather Underground's tropics page this morning and noticed that a tropcial depression is off the coast of North Carolina.

So, how long will it be before CNN, FOX News, and the rest will be providing 24-hour coverage of "the next Katrina?"

News today isn't about news, it's about hype. Making things sound worse than they are.

When Rita was approaching someone on one of the networks said something to the effect of "Beaumont will be ground zero for Rita," totally freaking out a friend of mine in St. Louis and keeping my cell phone busy while I was trying to sleep after that hellatious evacuation experience.

Monday, July 17, 2006

THIS is why men don't ask for directions

Just in case you were ever curious.....

Personally, I have a GPS unit in my car so I don't need to.

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Petey sucks at hide and seek

Unlike the other dogs, Petey really doesn't like going out in the backyard.

We really don't force the issue and make him too much, but when we do, he tries to hide from us.

He always hides in the same place so it doesn't work too well and he gets dragged outside.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

When dogs get sick

Last night Bear had an upset stomach )I'm guessing) and threw up three times last night.

He's fine now, just had a few messes to clean up.

He's tough like that.

Anyways, if your dog gets sick like that and you want to do something for him that's simple, go out and buy a box of those chewable Pepto Bismol tablets and hide one in something appetizing. A SMALL (because too much can be bad for them) slice of cheese or canned dog foodwill get the job done usually.

That trick might work for cats too, but I'm not sure since I don't have any, although at least one blogger I know thinks I should.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bear decided he wants a pic

Bear, the "elder dog" of the bunch isn't a very big fan of the camera, but when he makes an appearance you know it's good.

No, don't throw the ball right now, I just wanna lay here.

For more petblogging goodness, check out The Friday Ark.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Huff-ing (and other moves by the 'Stros) Astros deal prospects for D-Rays' Huff

The Astros shook up the roster Wednesday, acquiring outfielder/corner infielder Aubrey Huff from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They also demoted slumping outfielder Jason Lane to Class AAA Round Rock.

“Huff brings to our club a polished, veteran professional hitter, something that we’ve been looking for, for a long, long time,” said general manager Tim Purpura. “The beauty of Huff is that he plays first, he plays third and he plays the outfield."

I really like this. We get a proven hitter in Huff who tends to play stronger in the second half and back up Berkman in the lineup. Odds are he'll split time between the outfield and third base unless Morgan Ensberg can get his stuff together and start producing with the wood again.

Let's just hope it doesn't take him long to adjust to wearing an Astros uni.

As far as sending Jason Lane down, well, it was needed. Astros name Berry interim hitting coach

The Houston Astros announced today that the club has named Sean Berry interim hitting coach. Berry replaces Gary Gaetti, who has been relieved of his duties. The announcement was made by general manager Tim Purpura.

Berry was in his second year in the role of Minor League hitting coordinator for the Houston organization. He spent the previous two seasons (2003-04) on the coaching staff at Double-A Round Rock

This has got to be a good move considering some of the guys haven't been able to hit their way out of a wet paper bag lately.

I really can't say too much on this subject, so I'll just point you to the writeup on blogHOUSTON about it.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

WHAT I WANT, a letter from KIM JONG IL

(A Precision Guided Humor Assignment)

Dear America,

I, Kim Jong Il, am a simple man. There's not much that I want from people, weither it be the United States, mywonderful citizens, or anybody else.

The United States seems to be concerned with the missiles that I launched last week and wants me to stop. They also refise to meet with me one on one to see what I would like to stop.

They're fools, it won't take much for me to leave them alone.

This is all I ask:

• A cut in the proceeds from Team America: World Police since my likeness was used in the movie.
• Tickets to the Super Bowl
• A Hawaiian vacation

That's not too much to ask, is it?

Kim Jong Il
North Kirean Dictator

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I'm BACK!!!

After a hiatus from blogging that was totally unintentional, I'm back.

That Life thing's been keeping me busy lately, so you can't say that I don't have a life anymore :)

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The 'Stros are .500 and facing down the Cardinals next

Yesterday's defeat of the Cubs squared the Astros record at 41-41, and just 4 games back of the division leaders, the Cardinals.

The struggling Cards (3-7 in their last 10) begin a four game set at Minute Maid tomorrow night and I'll be at the first game.

I sent a friend of mine that lives in St. Louis a text message earlier telling her that the 'Stros would take 3 of 4 in the series and she replied with "Cards suck! Go killer b's" and then told me to have fun at the game.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The "ignorant and insensitive" one responds

This post is in response to a comment (#6) left in my post "The Bonuras turn tragedy into greed" from last week. Since responding to the comment would have brought a really long response I chose to write a new post.

I think your words are both ignorant and insensitive, and to label the actions of the Bonura family “greedy” is plain asinine. The whole event is a tradegy, and there is no doubt that a lawsuit will not get the family what they really want, but that does not make them greedy.

I've been there. My dad died in a motorcycle accident. I've dealt with tragedy and the legal system. I know what it's like, and I feel for them. Disagreeing with their actions does not change that one bit.

First of all, sueing a company which fails to perform an action is contractually obligated is standard practice, that is what gives us the ability to take such legal action. Not only did the company and the driver fail to meet their legal obligations, the family actually was harmed, and in the greatest way possible. It would be absolutely ridiculous and unheard of for the family to not take legal action! Yes, accidents do happen. However, if the bus and driver were as safe as they were guranteed to be, the family would be in a very different place today.

No. The bus company met their legal obligations when it came to the bus. It met all of the federal regulations on the book. They aren't obligated to provide safety glass or seat belts. Don't like it? Take it up with the NHTSA.

Thanks to an accident that I was involved in a few months after I got my motorcycle license I have bad knees. What happened was that I locked up the front brake and came off. No other vehicles were involved and the wreck was 100% my fault. Should I sue the bike's manufacturer because they didn't provide adequate knee protection, something that's not required by federal regulations? No, suing them would be silly. I knew what the potential risk was, took it, and got burned.

Anytime you get into a vehicle you accept a certain amount of risk. If you don't want to accept that risk, don't get in.

As far as the driver, she was forced to make a split-second decision and did what she thought was necessary to keep the kids on that bus safe when she swerved to get out of the way of the debris in the road. What happened is tragic, but knowing what I do about the accident I can't say with any certainty that the poor woman could have avoided it. Because of that, I can't blame her.

The way I see it, you can't really blame anybody.

Second of all, your reason to single out the Bonura family is beyond me. Every family of the students on the bus has legal representation against the driver and/or company, as well as the school district.

They got "singled out" because they filed the suit. Getting an attorney is the smart thing to do when you or a family member or involved in an accident to walk you through the legal process. It's stupid not to. I don't have a problem with that.

Lastly and mostly, if you think anybody is "making money" off of this accident, you are sadly mistaken. No matter what size of monetary compensation the families recieve through the suit (which I gurantee will be no fortune), they will not be making any kind of profit. Not even close.

I established in my previous post that suing is not the way to get the regulations changed, which they claim is the reason for the suit being filed. So why are they doing it? If you know then please enlighten me. I am "ignorant" after all, what do I know?

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

HELP!!! I've been tagged!!!

I really hate these things, but I asked for it, so here goes nothin.

4 jobs you've had:
1. Computer tech
2. Construction
3. Photographer
4. Usher at Ford Park

4 movies you could watch over and over:
(NOTE: I don't watch movies much)
1. Field of Dreams
2. Meet the Parents
3. Meet the Fockers (which I think is better)
4. Anchorman

4 places you have lived:
1. Beaumont
2. Fort Worth (briefly thanks to Rita)
3. Houston (briefly)
4. Did I mention Beaumont?

4 TV shows you love to watch:
1. 24
2. House
3. Astros Baseball
4. PTI

4 places you've been on holiday:
1. Denver, CO
2. Panama City Beach, FL
3. Cabin in the middle of nowhere near Abilene
4. Washington, DC

4 websites you visit daily:
1. This Blog Is Full Of Crap
2. The Scratching Post
3. Woot!
4. The Houston Chronicle (sorry Pete, but their site is better)

4 of your favorite foods:
1. Chicken anything
2. Pizza
3. Steak
4. Cheeseburger

4 lucky people to tag:
1. K T Cat
2. Pack
3. Any Through our eyes blogger that wants to
4. See #3

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