Saturday, April 22, 2006

My 100 word story on bunnies

Here goes.

Beagles were bred to hunt rabbits, but mine’s just a pet. I’ll probably never take Bruiser out hunting but I think he’d be good at it. You should see him try to kill his squeaky toys.

A couple of weeks ago I got an idea. I could buy a bunny and let it out into the backyard with Bruiser. However, knowing Bruiser and my luck, he’d probably just walk up to the bunny and sniff it, so we’d be stuck with another critter to feed. Either that or I’d be stuck cleaning up dead bunny remnants strewn about the backyard.

You can listen to the recording of mine, as well as the other ten entries, by clicking here.

I think Elisson took this one.

I'm already working on this week's story, whose theme is five minutes late. Let's just say that I have a really good idea.

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