Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Carnival of Jenny!!!

I figure that title is appropriate considering today's date...

No time for rambling, so ON WITH THE LINK-FEST!!!

Most Recent Episode Goodness:

Steve from ThoughtsOnline brings us his latest set of 24isms.

Jeff from Peace Like A River brings us an in-depth breakdown of Monday's episode, with stats at the end for all you statgeeks out there.

Emperor Misha I of Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler brings his usual roll around on the floor laughing for the next half-hour summary of the show.

Al of Random Thoughts lets us know that he was wrong about Audrey and his thoughts on Monday's episode.

Karen from The View From My Chair muses on this week's episode and last week's, too.

Wookie reminds us that nobody sucker punches Jack Bauer, provides a summary and the all important Jack Bauer Moment Of Zen™ at Cake or Death.

Pantrygirl brings us the Midnight hour at Now What?,

King Tom brings us a sleepover at his kingdom.

Other Goodness:

Crusader Coyote of The Templar Times reminds us that Jack Bauer Appreciation Day is coming up on May 9th and suggests that people use the day to honor the heroes that really keep evil at bay every day so we don't have to.

FIAR from Radioactive Liberty has decided that "War for oil is war for me" and thinks that Jack needs to get out of the way. If gas gets much more expensive I may be standing right next to him.

It seems that Fmragtops of Fmragtops Spews is already standing beside FAIR.

JivinJ of JivinJehoshaphat has a question for all of us. If I knew, I'd tell you.

Will from The Electric Goose has created a handy A to Z guide for 24.

Timmay of Timmay's Rants and Raves muses on how Logan's end will come about.

Dr. Blogstein theorizes how things would have gone differently had Jack Bauer led the Jews out of Egypt instead of Moses.

The Man decided to take a break from bringing us all down to let us know that Jack Bauer is the new White House Press Secretary over at GOP and the City.

Next week's carnival will be hosted at Below the Beltway.

I'd like to thank Blogs4Bauer for allowing my humble little blog to host this week's carnival and all the people that sent in their submissions. May you all have many, many hits.

If I messed up your entry, which is easy to do with this, just drop me an email or IM me and I'll fix it soon as I can.

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