Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The 'Stros so far

My guys are 5-2 though the first seven on the season.

The offense has looked stronger than I thought it would be and the pitching has been good outside of Pettitte's bad game and the Qualls meltdown.

At least Pettitte got that bad game out of his system early this year.

I can live with how they look.

And, to you "experts" at ESPN, keep on discounting us. We're used to it. We'll be glad to make you eat your words again.

They head off to the land of loonies for a three game set with the Giants and their over-hyped slumping flak-seed oil connosseur in left field that kicks off tonight at 9:15 Central time.

I hate left coast trips.

UPDATE: No game tonight. Rained out. We play two on Thursday.

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