Tuesday, February 07, 2006

24: 1 P.M.-2 P.M.

The 24 ReportSorry for the delay, but Blogger was down when I normally write this. Here ya go :)

Did I ever mention that Skating with Celebrities sucks??? I think I did... although I must admit that the show is starting to grow on me. They're actually pretty good... I think. I know very little about this figure skating stuff.

Spencer is a tool.
Cummings spills his guts with the background info. Prez Logan's screaming at him and stuff, he may be growing a pair after all...
Did I eever mention that Aaron is da man? Because he is, ya know...
Lynn's sister is pretty f***ed up.
Oooh, Sean Connery is gonna reprogram the remote for the canisters... What? That's not Sean Connery? I know, but he looks like him, so there! I WIN!!! *happy dance*
Spencer's coming back. Sweet. I wish I was him. Did I ever mention that I <3 Chloe???
Kim. Is. Coming. Back. This aint good.
That PayPass thing looks like a rip-off of Speedpass. I love my Speedpass.
Oooh, Martha slapped her idiot hubby, he deserved it. Jack should cut HIS eyes out.
And she's right about the Cummings issue, they should be honest.
Chloe's really pissed at Spencer... I guess I should be too. NOBODY messes with my girl Chloe.
Sweet, they got Sean Connery. I had a feeling they'd f*** this one up.
Go fig, the person behind the bed is nobody we know.
1:27:56 - 1:32:22
Doesn't the bike shop guy know better than to trust the terrorists??? What. An. Idiot.
Oooh, Sean Connery's not gonna get any pain meds... we all know what this means...
I can't believe that pussy Lynn, making Jack accept the deal. This is bull poo.
1:38:59 - 1:43:02
Sean may prove to be useful after all...
Oh F***!!! The girl's 15??? What a perv...
Letting Spencer go is the right move... clears the way for Edgar... or Jack... Just think, Jack and Chloe together. It would work.
Cummings? Suicide? Pussy.
1:48:18 - 1:52:42
<Millhouse voice>Ha ha</Millhouse voice> Lynn got his butt kicked. Sweet.
Bike shop guy. Didn't I tell you to not trust them? Are you st00pid???
Sooooo typical of 24, get someone to shoot and kill the important guy. It's always women too. You can't trust 'em.
Overall, a good episode. And there was plenty of Chloe time, so it's all good :)


Anonymous said...

i love how you completely left out Audrey. i wish Jack would ignore her too, she's so whiny.

Justin said...

Tell me about it. She reminds me of an ex-girlfriend...