Sunday, February 26, 2006

Checking the sitemeter...

This is one of those things I added yesterday.

First off, anybody reading this, don't freak. I'm not going tp pay so SiteMeter can show me your full IP address. Even if I did, I don't know how to do anything more invasive than ping it.

I get more hits that I thought I did. Then again, I figured I was the only one ever looking at this place, so go figure. I've got people coming across here from the US, Mexico, and Austrailia so far.

None of those nasty, egotistical Mac users, everybody's got Windows so far. Surprisingly, someone's using 98. WHO STILL HAS 98 ON THEIR SYSTEM, REALLY??? It was a good OS BACK IN '98!!! Move up to XP, or at least 2000 for crying out loud. If you come back and see this, please feel free to explain yourself in the comments. I'd be interested to hear why.

I'm hoping to keep this on for a while and be able to gather some stats for possible improvements down the road.

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