Thursday, May 04, 2006

The moment that made me cringe...

Last night, the one thing that I DIDN'T want to see happen did.

No, not the Astros losing. They won 5-4.

Albert Pujols stepping up against Brad Lidge.

For the three of you that don't know, in game 5 of last year's NLCS, Lidge hung a slider that Pujols would have hit halfway to Katy had the roof been open, winning that game. The 'Stros went on to win the series.

This is a situation I didn't want to see happen period, but the thing that made it even worse is that a Pujols HR right then would have tied the game up.

I watched anyways.

He hit a deep ball to center that Willy T. caught just in front of the hill.


What a relief.

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