Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Russ Springer is my hero!!!

ESPN.com - May 15th San Francisco @ Houston recap

HOUSTON (AP) -- Nobody wants to surrender Barry Bonds' next home run, and Astros right-hander Russ Springer wasn't about to wind up on the wrong end of history Tuesday night.

He wound up and plunked the San Francisco slugger instead.

Having seen the video, it didn't look like an "accidental" plunk to me. Springer was going for him and the umpire obviously thought so too since he tossed Springer and Astros' manager Phil Garner (as is the norm in these situations).

I have no problem with throwing at Bonds. I've never liked him. Not one bit and I haven't since before the steroids thing. It's his "God's gift to baseball" attitude.

Springer's probably going to be fined and/or suspended for his actions. I'll gladly help Russ pay that fine.

If nothing else, the plunk added something to an otherwise ugly 14-3 loss.

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