Sunday, May 28, 2006

CCE: Bill meets The Jack Attack

Y'all finally get to see my new feature "Celebrity Chat Express." I'm hoping to make this a more regular thing than the IMAO podcast (which I AM NOT involved with).

You are now logged into chat "CTU: Los Angeles"
TheJackAttack: How long until you can get us hacked into that chat, Chloe?
ChamomileTea: Just a second, I've almost got it.
ChamomileTea: Alright, soon as I hit enter we'll be in teh room. I'll inform Keith that you're there.
You now have access to chat "The Factor - Countdown Showdown"
Chattermann: You, Mr. O'Reilly, are a terrorist.
FactorThis: WHAT?!?!?
Chattermann: Yes, a terrorist. Look at you. You have on at least one occasion threatened innocent callers on your radio program.
FactorThis: Keith, you know that was just a big misunderstanding.
Chattermann: I don't think it was. You hate anything having to do with me
FactorThis: Hate is a strong word, Mr. Olbermann. You shouldn't just throw things like that around.
User "TheJackAttack" has joined the chat
TheJackAttack: Alright Keith, I've seen enough.
FactorThis: Wait, who is this???
TheJackAttack: The last thing you'll ever see if you don't stop being a terrorist.
FactorThis: But I'm not a terrorist!!!
TheJackAttack: Yes, you are and I WILL get you to admit it! You see, I've been monitoring this chat.
FactorThis: Oh @#%$!!! I knew I should have never endorsed the NSA spying programs.
TheJackAttack: Now, you can tell me what I need to know or I'll be forced to make things difficult for the both of us.
FactorThis: And just how would you do that, Jack???
TheJackAttack: You probably don't think that I can force this towel down your throat. But trust me, I can. All the way. Except I'd hold onto this one little bit at the end. When your stomach starts to digest it, I pull it out. Taking your stomach lining with it. For most people it would take about a week to die. It's very painful.
FactorThis: I don't buy it.
TheJackAttack: Fine, you'll be seeing me soon.
User "TheJackAttack" has left the chat
FactorThis: Keith, did you know about that???
Chattermann: Yep.
FactorThis: So you set me up?
Chattermann: Yep.
FactorThis: OK, so maybe what I did is terrorism. Even if it is, why does it matter?
Chattermann: Terrorism is Terrorism, Bill...
FactorThis: Yea, I guess you're right.
Users "TheJackAttack" and "ChamomileTea" have joined the chat
TheJackAttack: TEAMS, MOVE IN, NOW!!!!!
ChamomileTea: We got him, Jack
TheJackAttack: Good, thx Chloe.
ChamomileTea: yw
TheJackAttack: And Keith, thx 4 the tip.
Chattermann: No, Jack, thank you. This is going to make for great fodder on Countdown tonight.
TheJackAttack: That's true. I'll be sure to watch.
ChamomileTea: Hey, what about me?
Chattermann: What about you???
ChamomileTea: *scrunches face*
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