Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Poker pisses me off sometimes

I was just on PokerStars playing one of their no-limit mini-tournaments with 18 people.

For those that don't know, PokerStars is free and is "for entertainment purposes only"

First hand I get dealt pocket Jacks.

Now, I usually sit out the first hand in these tournaments because some idiot usually pushes all-in with nothing in the hopes of accumulating a huge stack of chips at the start. But I figure "Hey' I've got a good hand here to rack up some chips," so I push all in with two other hands at my table. I'm in the lead by far pre-flop. One of the other guys has A-6, I don't remember what the third had.

The flop hits... Mister A-6 now had a set of Aces. I'm thinking "I'm fucked" because the only thing that'll save me is runner-runner Jacks.

And I'm outta there like that.

I guess I shouldn't complain considering how many times I've gotten a card that saves my ass on the river, but hey, it still hurts.

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