Sunday, September 17, 2006

Carnival of the Cats #130

It's time once again for the Carnival of the Cats.

But wait.... Why is a dog helping host???

Bruiser says it's because "I like anything that'll play with me," which. knowing him, is so true.

That and the doggie carnival doesn't like him. Something about eating too much and puking on the carpet.

So we bring you the 130'th edition of the Carnival of the Cats.

Is there anything cuter than a picture of a baby and a cat?

We've got one outside and looking for trouble and some good news about the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Tigger the Terror gives us a list of oils that are considered "must-haves" for both human and animal first aid kits.

Kirbside shows us Patch and tells us how he got that name.

Is Ted good or bad? Use this easy reference to find out.

Rico Loco had a bit of a misadventure. *growls* I guess Brusier's not happy about the dog remark. *rubs Bruiser's belly* OK, he's fine now.

If you lie down on Rahel's foot, you get your picture taken. She also got to pet a leopard.

Ferdy takes some time to relax.

Unlike this cat (found via Google Images search), Miss Chloe's not psychic but she is sitting in sunbeams and wants you to stop staring. I was always told to never stare, but take quick glances.

Who said cats and dogs can't get along? Not these cats and dog.

Ever wondered what your cat would say about you? Take a look.

Mister Gato needs a nap.

Neighbor cats pay Blueberry a visit. And Laurence shows us some video of one.

Harley and Tinker get a new tree and scratching post.

Aunty Holly gives un insight on feline communication.

What? That's not a bed? It is now... Or maybe it is a bed.

A "death ray" and an "unusual meeting"

I never wake up a sleeping dog. I guess cats are just nicer.

Nardo finds time in his day to irritate Piper.

If there was a project like 2,996 for cats, one of the profiles would look something like this.

You're gonna have to find me before you do that.And Watermark, too.

Tiger may be getting older, but he's still got some spunk.

Enjoy catnip responsibly, Always designate a driver.

A little Tai Chi never hurt anybody.

And we've got watch cats. Do they meow strangers until they go away?

If you tempt a cat with a string long enough they'll attack.

Laundry baskets seem to be a popular place to hide.

I've heard of fast food. Is this fast fun?

Deep thoughts.

Kate learns more and more about her cat.

Someone might have a headache.

I'll relax wherever I want to, thank you very much!

Catymology brings us a cat-themed Thursday Thirteen.

Finding a stash of mice is a good excuse to look like you know you're all that.

Trips to the groomer are not always welcome.

Now THIS is my idea of exercise ;)

Cato cuddles up with Google.

We're tired.

We've got an update on Ivy, and a look at things in history that have happened in her life.

It's a law of nature. When you pull out the camera, your critter must stop doing whatever caused you to pull the camera out.

Alright, that's All I've got except for a couple of housecleaning-type notes:

  • If you see anything we messed up, email the human (contact info in the sidebar here) and he'll fix it soon as he gets a chance. He knows he's prone to screwups, so it's no big deal.
  • Laurence asked me to remind y'all that you can still use Blog Carnival to submit your entries since Ferdy and Bruce have shut down their carnival submission form.
  • The next CotC will be at House of Chaos.

And I think that's it. Thanks to Laurence for letting my little corner of insanity host and for all the people who have submitted.

I leave you with Cats in ur stuff doing things. Blame the guy who made it for typing like an idiot.

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