Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Not quite the man he used to be"

When I bought Bruiser, I decided I'd take a while and decide weither or not I was going to breed him. It took a while just cause I wanted to be ABSOLUTELY SURE before I got him neutered if I decided to go that route.

Anyways, I decided not to so I got him an appointment with the vet to get neutered.

Friday was the big day. He knew something was up because he didn't get to eat this morning and he hadn't had any water since sometime last night.

About 8:30, I put a leash on him and told him we were going for a drive. He likes the car, so he didn't mind that part one bit.

When we got to the vet's office he surprised me. He usually puts up a fight when he realizes that's where we are, but he walked right in. Maybe he thought they'd have food or water for him or something.

We left him with the sweet nurse who told us he'd be "not quite the man he used to be" at 4 when we picked him up.

The surgery went well and we picked him up a little after 4 because my grandmother was gonna drive to pick him up and my aunt wanted to come along. They were watching a movie in the living room and I came in and said "look what time it is," so we scrambled out the door right at 4.

He was a little slow gettin around, which wasn't a real shock because he'd been sedated, but other than that he was fine. Once we got him home, he crashed in the living room and slept for about four hours.

When he woke up, he wanted to go outside and do his business, then he jumped on my bed and crashed out for two or three more hours and I took him out again. After that it was time for him to call it a night.

The sleeping foesn't bother me, I know he's still pretty groggy from being sedated for the surgery, I know I would be too. The good news is that the sedation didn't make him sick to his stomach like the other two dogs got when they had it done.

He should be about back to normal tomorrow, we just have to make sure he doesn't push it too hard too fast.

Well that and try to keep him from licking where the incisions were made for about a week since he's got the disolving stitches.

I figure enduring this for a few days would be better than the hell that would come if he got out the backyard and knocked up someone else's dog.

It's just the responsible thing to do if you're not going to breed them. And if you are going to breed them, make sure there's NO WAY they can get out of your yard.

My mom, who breeds Shetland Sheepdogs, would agree.

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