Thursday, June 24, 2004

I didn't know movies could be so bad

I think I've just seen two of the worst movies in the history of movie making. Following are brief comments on each.

I Accuse My Parents(1944) IMDb listing
In the movie, Jimmy Wilson (Robert Lowell), who is neglected by his alcoholic parents, enters into a life of crime in order to impress his girlfriend, a singer at an area nightclub. The cast in the movie was forgettable for the most part. The only one who really sticks in my mind was Mary Beth Hughes, who played Jimmy's girlfriend Kitty Reed. She had an awesome singing voice. If you wanna know more about the plot, read the summary that can be found by following the IMDb link. The movie was one of the last filmed in an era where movies always taught morals, and soon after, the focus in Hollywood switched over to real life. Thank goodness that era ended. I'll give it a 2/10 simply because I didn't ever roll my eyes while watching the movie (maybe because I was too tired).
Eegah (1962) IMDb listing
Ranked 5th on the IMDb Bottom 100 I thought that the modern horror movies like Scream (II, III), and I Know What You Did Last Summer were the worst of horror movies. Boy was I in for a surprise. Eegah (Richard Kiel), a giant caveman, basically falls in love with this teenage chick and all hell breaks loose. Kiel (who also was in the movies Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me as Jaws, and Happy Gilmore as Mr. Larson) was the only redeeming quality the movie had, as I like him. The movie gets a 1/10 because of Kiel, and only because of Kiel.
What was I thinking when I sat down to watch these???
That's easy. My dad got these two movies from Netflix as part of the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" series, which basically makes really bad movies tolerable by cracking jokes throughout. It's the only way possible to watch some movies. Too bad the series was cancelled in 1999, after 197 episodes, as Gigli would have been a perfect candidate for the show. I'll give the series an 8/10 because although there are some stupid parts, it makes really bad movies bearable.

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