Monday, July 26, 2004

Random thoughts

For some reason, people expect me to update this thing once in a while, so I guess I'll try to make them happy...
My grandma leaves for Seattle on Wednesday, so I'm gonna be home alone until sometimenext Monday. Oh what trouble I could get into :)
The twins are down this week from North Carolina. I don't think I've seen them in like two years, $10 says they still look good :)
The Democratic National Convention is this week, just what do they accomplish at these conventions?
Is hockey season here yet?
My motorcycle is due up for inspection this week and I need to get my hair cut, two things I'll probably end up putting off until Friday because I'm lazy like that.
I bought tickets to an Astros game next weekend thinking that they might be able to beat the Expos. I'll be meeting a girl up there, I just hope she don't end up hating me
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Should I really plug my blog shamelessly? People start to complain about me not updating it if I do.
I was told by Anna that I could:
write about how wonderful and awesome [she is]
Is this a harsh response?
no offense, but if i'm gonna write about how wonderful and awesome some chick is, it won't be you.

Well... That's all I got, leave some.


~Chaggy said...

Hockey Season won't be back until next year, and wow what a life you're having right now, twins and you're meeting somebody at a 'stros game, way to go Justin

Justin said...

Yea, but the twins live in North Carolina, I don't. :(

cerri said...

you're mean. i don't love you anymore. mark has taken your spot as the coolest person ever.

Justin said...

Well I aint crying about it...