Thursday, December 02, 2004

Finals are coming



They start next week.


Can you feel the excitement?


You should.

Monday's the last class day.

Tuesday's dead day, which is suppossed to be for studying.

But really, who does study all of dead day?

Oh, you do???

Dang, you're a dedicated nerd, aren't you?

Thought so.

Unlike you, I decided to do important stuff that day.

Like taking Bear to get his shots...

And Christmas shopping.

And... stuff.

So maybe I will have some time to study.

Of course, my first final isn't until Thursday, so I guess I could study on Wednesday.

Studying isn't just for dedicated nerds, It comes in handy for people seeking to get a CCNA certification too.

As soon as I get one of those, I can make tons of money.

And not come back to school after the spring.


I dunno.

I'm a moron.

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