Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mother’s day plans

At church we’re starting a new tradition this year. On Mother’s Day, we’re doing an anthem as a men’s chorus, and the women will be doing the same on Father’s Day.

When our director told us about her plan to do this, I got pretty excited. My senior year of high school, I sang with the school’s men’s chorus. I’ve been wanting to perform in one again, but haven’t had a chance until now.

When competition time came around, one of the songs we did was Be Thou My Vision, which has an awesome men’s arrangement that we used.

It turned out that our choir director (who also directs at a local high school) picked Be Thou My Vision for the piece we’re doing.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty pumped.

If you’re curious, here’s a video with the arrangement that we’re doing, by a pretty awesome-sounding college choir:

I can’t wait!

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