Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Texas drops a class that, in theory, sounds good. In practice? Not so much.

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Texas dropped their requirement for Health Ed classes:

Health class will no longer be a state requirement for high school students this fall, making Texas one of the few states in the country with no required health education, officials said.

Education Commissioner Robert Scott announced the move in a recent letter to school districts, causing some to worry Texas students will miss out on critical topics like alcohol awareness, sex education and basic nutrition.

Sure, you could argue that Texas students are now going to miss out on a lot. Or not.

I remember my health class. It was the second semester of my freshman year, taught by a coach who made it fairly obvious that she wanted to be anywhere but teaching that class. I felt like the first hour of my morning was a waste.

Not that I had a problem with that, mind you. I’m not a morning person. The only real class I had first thing in the morning was Algebra II my junior year, and I almost failed it. But that might have been because math’s not my strong suit.

Oh well, I still say good riddance to a useless class!

(Unless it’s first period, that is.)

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