Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pick a picture, any picture.

Welcome to Stupid Quiz Sunday, in which I'll take an online quiz that may or may not be stupid and post the results.

All I did was pick a picture and it came up with this. Oddly enough, it sounds kinda like me…

You Are Confident and Dominant
You are a very independent, do it yourself kind of person. You've had to rely on yourself.
You know how to be strong for yourself and the people you love. You have a protective streak.

You sometimes come off as a little assertive. You know what you want, and you're not afraid to go get it.
The only thing you require from people is that they're straight with you. You are ready for the truth.

Have you taken this quiz? Have a quiz you want me to take? Leave a link in the comments.

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Jen said...

Me again, here is my Sunday Quiz Result:

You are a cheerful, funny person. You are in love with the whole world.
You are spontaneous and enthusiastic. You're up for anything, especially adventure!

You are outrageous and sometimes even shocking. You can't help it... you're just being yourself.
You are curious about everything and have many interests. If something interests you, you investigate it.