Thursday, May 13, 2010

A little light reading, anybody?

So it came out today that Eric Holder hasn’t actually read that little bill they passed in Arizona that he’s been so critical of:

Despite repeatedly voicing concerns about Arizona's new immigration enforcement law in recent weeks and threatening to challenge it, Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday he has not yet read the law -- which is only 10 pages long.

"I have not had a chance to -- I've glanced at it," Holder said at a House Judiciary Committee hearing when asked had he read the state law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Holder told reporters last month that he fears the new law is subject to abuse and that the Justice Department and the Homeland Security Department are in the midst of conducting a review.

Am I the only one that sees a problem here?

Now in all fairness, I haven’t read SB 1070 (PDF) either. But I’m thinking about doing it this weekend. Maybe Eric Holder can fly out to Phoenix and we can read it together?

Yea, I kinda doubt it too.

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Tots said...

I did choose to read it specifically where I could be all smarmy and tell people "YES I HAVE READ IT!"

I fully believe we are governed by fools right now.