Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baggy is back! Just not at first base, which is OK.

Berry out, Bagwell in:

The Astros have relieved hitting coach Sean Berry of his duties, general manager Ed Wade announced today.

Berry will be replaced by former Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell, who has been serving as a Special Assistant to the General Manager since his retirement in 2006. Berry, who had been the Astros hitting coach for the past five seasons, has been offered an opportunity to remain in the Astros organization.

As a few of y’all might know, Bagwell was my favorite Astro growing up, so I welcome anything that’ll get him back in an Astros uniform.

Of course, this move won’t help them this year, but I do think it’ll be of benefit to the young kids coming up to the majors.

I was going to link to the photo gallery from Baggy’s retirement, but something seems to be wrong with the gallery. Not that I ever use the gallery anymore or anything. So I’ll link to a picture I did as a Friday Photo of Bagwell catching his daughters throwing the first pitch when his number was retired.

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