Tuesday, October 05, 2010

MLB playoff predictions

Here’s what I’ve got…

First round:

  • Yankees v. Twins: Yankees went 4-2 against the Twins this year… I’d expect nothing but the same from them. Yankees win.
  • Rangers v. Rays: Rays win… Again, the Rays went 4-2 against them in the regular season
  • Braves v. Giants: The Braves are shooting to give Bobby Cox one last run, and they played better in the regular season against ‘em too… Braves win.
  • Phillies v. Reds: As much as I want to say Reds because of Jay Bruce, I just can’t. Phillies are gonna mop the floor with them.

NLCS: Phillies v. Braves: This is a really tough one to call…. divisional teams that know each other all too well. But I think it’ll be the Phillies here. They had the stronger regular season in the matchup and the Phils will have home field, which doesn’t hurt either.

ALCS: Yankees v. Rays: Rays have home field and went 10-8 against the Yankees this year. I think they’ll win this one.

World Series: Rays v. Phillies: For the first time since Selig came up with that BS idea to make the All-Star game “mean something,” the NL will have home field for the series. They didn’t play each other, so there’s no way to compare them there, but I think the Rays are the stronger team, winning the toughest division in baseball and I think they’ll bring home the trophy.

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Tots said...

Missed that one by a smidge bro... Just a smidge.