Friday, April 05, 2013

Winning the small battles

Won my first battle in my new position at work today.

One of the things we do is offer loaner headsets for agents that forget theirs for some reason. Each headset had a name. Pink zip tie and orange zip tie are simple enough, but it got confusing when you got to “paper orange zip tie.” It’s something that’s driven me nuts since I started working back at the WFO desk.

“Why can’t we just number them?” I asked. I was told “That would be too easy.”

Well, today I got most of our broken loaners replaced with new ones from the group at work that controls them.

Then I got to label them.

I took a post-it note, folded it into quarters, put it around the top of the headset, and stapled it. Then I wrote numbers on the labels.

I even grabbed the one we didn’t replace and put a number on it.

I won!

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