Thursday, June 25, 2015

The whole Confederate flag thing

With all the craziness going on about the Confederate flag lately, I figured I should throw out my two cents on the issue.

Yes, the Confederate flag is a part of our history. It’s a symbol of a time gone by and, in my opinion, not one of our better moments as a country.

Like it or not, slavery was and is still wrong, and like it or not, the Confederate flag is a symbol  of it.

Remember, a native Texan is saying what I’m about to say. The south did a ton of things that I’m not proud of. I don’t need to go into details on what I’m talking about, I think everybody knows exactly what I mean.

Also, news flash: the south lost. The losing team doesn’t get to fly their flag over government buildings That, to me, is like flying the British flag over the Capitol. We wouldn’t do that, right?

Now, my stance is a bit different when it comes to businesses and individuals.

Businesses and people can, in my opinion, do whatever they want to with it. Just don’t be surprised if your business loses business because of it. Other people have the right to vote with their money and choose not to spend it with you for whatever reason they want to.

Would I do business with a place that was hanging a Confederate flag on the wall? Yes, because, but not because of it. After all, it’s not like I can see the flag. I’ll do business with anybody as long as they haven’t given me a compelling reason not to. I could care less about a company’s stance on something. Now, if I either or someone I know has had a really lousy experience with a company (like my mother-in-law’s experiences with United that I mentioned in my last post), then I will refuse to do business with them.

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