Friday, July 31, 2015

Under the knife

Yeah, I know, I haven’t blogged in a while. I just really haven’t had much to say.

Yesterday, though, I went under the knife.

It was a simple outpatient procedure to remove some scar tissue that had grown up around the shunt they put in my eye last year.

The surgery went well and I’m feeling pretty good considering a doctor was rooting around in my eye with sharp implements for at least half an hour (I’' was awake, but have no idea how long the procedure took, just that I was at the office for four hours total and most of it was spent in prep)

Anyway, it’s made what vision I have left a little weird.

What I can see is blurry, even compared to what I’m used to.

But that’s not the strangest part.

They put an air bubble in my eye to replace some of the fluid that was removed during the procedure.

The gas will slowly dissipate over the next month or so, but until then it does weird things with my vision.

The gas they use acts kind of like a mirror, reflecting light back instead of letting it pass through, so where the bubble is in my limited field of view looks solid black to me.

And, because of how the eye works, the bubble that appears to be on the bottom of my vision is actually taking up the top portion of the inside of my eye since what you see hits your retina upside down and your brain flips it over.

So, basically, when I’m walking or something, I can’t see anything in the lower half of what would normally be my vision and the line bounces up and down as I move around.

It’s really weird, but no big deal. They did the same thing last year when I had the shunt put in originally.

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