Saturday, August 21, 2004

40 questions with Kevin Gerty

As I posted on here yesterday, I'd be doing an interview with KG himself, Kevin Gerty. I decided not to do more since it's already pretty long. Here goes nothing:

Kevin Gerty: Who are you, and how did you find out about me?
Justin Yarbrough: I'm Justin and I found out about you through Mandy complaining about how annoying you were one day
KG: how intriguing...
JY: actually, it was your interview, i told her you couldn't handle interviewing me

KG: So tell me if you had three wishes what would they be and why?
JY: um... i gotta think about this
JY: 1. world peace, so all the miss america contestants stop saying that
JY: 2. waking up tomorrow with all the knowledge of a Computer Networking and Troubleshooting Technology major so I don't have to go to classes starting next week
JY: 3. i guess i could afford to lose a few pounds
KG: yo don't shout at me man
JY: what you gonna do, cry?
KG: No.. just might track you down
JY: creepy

KG: What do you say to a person who is being a jackass
JY: I usually will just not aknowledge their existence

KG: Your favorite food
JY: hm... so many choices... gotta be peperroni and mushroom pizza

KG: If you could escribe yourself in one word what would it be and why
JY: describe?
KG: yea
KG: you get it.. now just simply answer it
JY: weird, i've never been one to do normal things

KG: Name a feature that you like on yourself
JY: my enormous... oh, i probably shouldn't say that on my blog, not very good for the kiddos
KG: stop lying
JY: what, you saying you've seen me naked? you freak
KG: *rolls eyes* ew

KG: if you could live anywhere else then where you live now where would it be?
JY: Denver or Houston

KG: What's the most surprising thing someone would find out about you?
JY: that i'm really not anywhere near as crazy as i seem at first

KG: Got a girlfriend?
JY: maybe
JY: what's it to you?
KG: just askin dude..
KG: *rools eyes*
JY: oh, ok, thought you were gonna try to set me up with mandy or something
KG: do you want to be set up with mandy
JY: not really, considering i'm like five years older than her, that's just weird
KG: just remember you said that dude har har..

KG: Do you act like this all the time?
JY: more often than not

KG: Favorite sport(s)
JY: baseball and hockey

KG: Favorite teams of the sports you named
JY: Astros and Wildcatters (ECHL)

KG: Do you play any sports?
JY: yes. well? no, although i could probably be a decent hockey player if i ever learned how to play though

KG: Hot or Cold?
JY: cold. you experience a southeast texas summer and you'll understand

KG: Mariotti or Paige?
JY: paige, duh. I don't run the message board

KG: Outside or inside?
JY: depends on the time of year

KG: TV Guide or Channel surfing
JY: channel surfing. i've never looked at a tv guide in my life

KG: Do you cry at weddings?
JY: I've only been to one wedding in my life, it was my dad's second. They were divorced two years later. No.

KG: If you could be a woman for one day what would you do and why?
JY: am i a really hot one?
JY: that does matter
KG: 20. Who's gonna be in the MLB World Series
JY: answer my question first
KG: oh..
KG: uhhhh whatever you want to me Ma'am I mean sir har har
JY: ok, i am a really hott one
JY: i'm gonna find some really fat, ugly, horny guy and make him think he's gonna get some
KG: lol... thats twisted but good man
JY: i'm a very twisted person

KG: Who's gonna be in the MLB World Series
JY: realistically: cardinals and yankees. who I wanna see: astros and rangers

KG: Your favorite sleeping position
JY: on my right side

KG: DO you travel alot?
JY: besides to houston? no

KG: Your favorite holiday
JY: christmas. it's like thanksgiving but with presents

KG: What's the worst habit you have?
JY: probably my brutal honesty

KG: The best habit you have?
JY: putting people in their place when they need to be

KG: Bedtime or Party animal?
JY: i need my don't get any uglier sleep

KG: School or party?
JY: school, i like college
JY: parties are full of drunk people, i hate some drunk people
JY: just the ones that are assholes though
JY: happy drunks are ok
KG: lol cools

KG: Bush or Kerry?
JY: i gotta stick with my fellow texan there

KG: Phone or IM
JY: im

KG: What type of music do you prefer to listen to
JY: rock or country

KG: What would you rather a show with mariotti or listen to elevator music
JY: host a show with mary, she needs to be put in her place
KG: haha

KG: People have said you favor?
JY: the female of the species
JY: or do you mean something else?
JY: cuz i don't go for guys
KG: Favor as in looks
JY: oh, ok
KG: like Mandy favors Diana taursi
JY: yes, i see the resemblance
JY: oh, the question... um... homer simpson, just thinner and more hair

KG: Whats in your CD player now?
JY: nothing, but the last thing that was in it was trapt

KG: Describe your perfect friend (just a good best friend) as in perosnality etc
JY: someone reliable, that i can trust, that'll be there for me in the hard times (as I have been experiencing lately, feel free to ask) and can laugh when I make fun of them for something stupid they do

KG: What's been going on in your life in hard times then?
JY: My dad died and my little brother was hurt in a motorcycle accident 2 1/2 weeks ago
KG: oh.. I'm truely sorry about that...and this is sincere...
JY: thanks
KG: my condolenses to you and your family.. and good recovery for your little bro...
JY: he's doing a lot better
KG: thats goo
JY: goo?
KG: *good
JY: ok

KG: Favorite TV show
JY: I don't really have a favorite tv show

KG: favorite type of clothing
JY: wind pants

KG: Something to do while waiting in car in traffic
JY: sing along with the radio
JY: if i'm not on my bike that is
JY: then i'm just cussing a lot at the traffic

KG: CD or cassette

KG: Name one thing you can never live without
JY: music

Well, there you have it. You know more than you have ever cared to know about me. If you understood it all, there are good things in store for your future.

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