Monday, August 02, 2004

more random thoughts


These are easy to write
How immature can people be? I mean, I go telling a group of people off, now they seem to think that they can run around and make me look bad. At least one of them rescended their remarks after I informed him that my lawyer would be contacting him about my libel suit (yes, it was that bad). Tragically, they do it to themselves too. Oh well, their loss, I really don't give a flip what they think.
I gotta call LIT tomorrow and inform them that I have taken the THEA test, required for admission into schools in the state of Texas. The odd thing is that I'm a transfer student from a Texas school ACROSS THE STREET and all schools have access to the results.
What? Hockey season STILL aint here?
Rumor is that my team, the Wildcatters, are working on an affiliation with an NHL team. If so, news should drop soon. I don't know if it's a good idea, these things can kill a playoff run if the team above you is a contender.
I'm really tired, why aint I going to bed?
What is the purpose of procrastonation?
What is the meaning of Life?*
What's up?
Did Felix Mendehlsson really not have any dates because he was busy writing music?
What's the point of having Wi-Fi at a ballpark? Who brings their laptop to a baseball game?

*Life = the cereal :)


~Chaggy said...

What? Hockey season STILL aint here?

Nor will the NHL be here this year.

cerri said...

about your post down VVV there, i sure as hell don't want a bush banner, but i have like...60 other ones i need to put up, can you help me with them when i get back home?

Justin said...

drop me an email when you get back

Justin said...

Chag, I could care less if the NHL is back, I just wanna see the Wildcatters, ECHL players agreed to a CBA last year.