Monday, January 30, 2006

24: Noon-1 P.M.

The 24 ReportComing to you like random thoughts, as written on my notepad... in order:

Why does Fox insist on putting the crappiest show on their run-down, Skating with Celebrities, on before 24??? It's total crap.

And am I the only one that can't help but say "on the day of the California Presidential Primary" after "The following takes place between...?"
I swear that Chloe is just like my friend Whitney.
Now, let's get to the Cummings and goings... :-p
Attacking Moscow??? Oh. Kay. We'll see how that goes.
I still can't get over that fight scene last week, it was so sweet.
PART 1 12:00:00-12:10:17
Jack's working with Pile o' Coathangers (MeMo's name for Audrey, attributed to her amazingly low BMI)..... can you say awkkkkkkk-weeeeerd
Jack's gonna leave Diane??? WHY??? She's 10x hotter than Pile o' Coathangers!!!
PART 2 12:14:32-12:25:34
Unlock Code Verified??? WTF does that mean? Something aint right...
Diane's got a point... if Pile o' Coathangers aint still got feelings for Jack, she needs to tell him. Apparently Jack still does.
WTF? Cummings is coming clean??? You can't be serious.
All this to set up a military presence in Asia to get oil??? Riiiiiiiiiight...
PART 3 12:29:44-12:38:24
Bauer and Novak's meeting got broke up by the Secret Service. I don't like this...
Jack might have a chance after all, Aaron's on the case.
PART 4 12:42:55-12:49:16
Jack's loose, thanks Aaron!!!
YES!!! Kick Cummings ASS!!! GO JACK!!! CUT HIS EYE OUT!!!
Crap. Cummings squealed and told him where the gas was...
Cummings is taken away, and Jack shares a moment with Pussy in Chief Logan. Jack *claims* he'll disappear again... probably in a little over 18 hours. I dunno why I think that...
PART 5 12:53:42-1:00:00
Logan tries to make up to his wife for wanting to ship her off to the nuthouse for thinking she was crazy, she has every right to be a bitch towards him. Yay Martha!!!
Edgar did some digging and found which crate the nerve gas SHOULD be in... give the man a twinkie!!!
They break into the container and find... a dead guy. No gas. Should have known, this is 24, not 6.
The terrorists found out about the detonators being changed out and are now gonna attack the U.S., shoulda known.
This was a very Chloe-light episode. That's disappointing. I <3 Chloe!!!
What happened to Spencer? I have to admit, I was dissappointed to not see the little weasel that was boinking Chloe.

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