Saturday, August 19, 2006

He only talks because he's nervous.

(A response to this post)

I've always thought that a quiet confidence is the best way to handle a bet, only speaking up in response.

K T Cat, however, takes a different philosophy, trash-talking at every chance necessary. Probably because he's nervous, because nervous people tend to talk a lot.

Our Maximum Leader is really scrapping to find things to attempt to beat down my Texans with.

This time it's  ESPN's NFL power rankings, saying that I should wave the white flag because the Saints are ranked three slots higher than the Texans.

While we're at it, let's look at the Preseason AP Top 25 and declaring Ohio State the national champs.

And, plus, this is ESPN, the same network that makes up "trade rumors" (like we're really surprised anyways) and can't get enough of Yanks-Sox or T.O. Can you really take ANYTHING they say seriously???

Speaking of T.O., y'all play the Cowgirls on Monday Night Football. I'll have the game on and will certainly watch what the first-stringers do, since their time in is all that REALLY matters anyways.

I look forward to seeing the red and blue on your blog in January.

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