Friday, November 10, 2006

And I thought drivers in Houston were crazy

The Beaumont Surprise Enterprise - Man shot on Eastex Freeway exit ramp

A man is in critical condition today after being shot last night on the Northbound Eastex Freeway exit ramp at Delaware Street, Beaumont police said in a news release.


The woman, who previously was involved with the man driving the Town Car, exited at Delaware Street but was forced to stop on the exit ramp by the man in Lincoln who pulled in front of her and blocked her path, the release said.

The man in the Lincoln then exited his vehicle and began banging on the Mitsubishi with his hand, police said.

When he attempted to force his way into the backseat, where the couple's son was sitting, the man in the Mitsubishi shot the man from the Lincoln in the right shoulder, according to the release.


The shooting doesn't really surprise me, but what the guy did to get shot does.

You've got to admit that he more or less asked for it.

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