Monday, November 06, 2006

Well I'd say I came out ahead

Saturday I took a trip out to L'Auberge du Lac in Lake Charles to do a little gambling.

I'd said before I left that my limit for money lost would be $40, and I did a pretty good job at sticking to it.

The buffet was actually pretty good. Great gumbo.

When I got in the casino area the first thing I noticed all the smoke in there. Nothing big, just not something I've seen in a while with the smoking ordinance and all.

Mostly I just stuck to the penny and nickel stuff, but I took a few spins at a quarter slot just for the hell of it.

Toward the end I was down to about two bucks left on a penny machine and then I got on a bit of a run, briefly getting above $20 before calling it with about $18.70 left.

I felt like I'd won with just that.

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