Friday, January 19, 2007

Best. Excuse. Ever.

Why yes, I did ingest a banned substance. Here's how.

Be sure to look at the link before you click on "read more" or you'll wonder what the hell I'm talking about.

Not that wondering what the hell I'm talking about is out of the ordinary

This story is also further evidence of something I've told women in my life for years: "men are stupid." I mean, that had to be some pretty nasty looking stuff. A guy's got to have his limits, ya know.

Then again, (NSFW?) looking at her, I might be tempted to make an exception. Of course, I'm also not some soccer player that can practically pluck hot babes off of a tree.

Really. I can't.  bloggers aren't that powerful.



K T Cat said...

La chica is muy bonita!

As for the soccer player, I don't believe him. I'll bet he ate the stuff straight from the tube in the hopes he would gain some competitive advantage and then just paid her to show up with him.

You know how soccer players are. They're all dirty, not like baseball players.

Justin said...

I may have only taken a semester of spanish, but I know enough to point out that the correct way to say that is "La chica es muy bonita!"

Either way, we get the idea :)

K T Cat said...

Argh! I was being too bilingual!