Thursday, January 11, 2007

Random Thoughts: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Yes, kids, it's time for that feature that I whip out when I don't know what the fuck else to write about: random thoughts.

You can see them below the fold:

  • The 'Catters are 0-3-1 (wins - losses- OT or shootout losses) since the Texans season ended. Is that a slump or did they decide that I just needed another sucky team in my life now that The Texans are no longer playing?
  • By the time I got to Houston to help my mom with puppies that were being born, all four of them were. About right, right?
  • Oh yea, she had another dog birth a litter on Sunday. There were three of them, but one didn't make it.
  • What part of team blog do these stupid fucks not understand? Some of them will post a few times a month. Some of them haven't posted in months. If I didn't crosspost stuff the place would be dead.
  • Hospitals scare me. And so do vets offices that look like hospitals.
  • I guess that's right since going into GCVS, the place we've been taking Bear to, makes me nervous.
  • I just realized that pitchers and catchers report next month. Baseball's gonna be back soon!!!
  • Glad to see that I'm not the only person who thinks adding troops to the clusterfuck that is Iraq is a bad idea.
  • As far as what we should do? I don't know. I just have a feeling that nuking the whole damn place and letting God sort them out would be a little messy.
  • On a related note, how come the US can kill all our enemies but we insist that Israel "negotiate" and "work with" the people who want to kill them? Just don't make any fucking sense to me.
  • Enough quasi-political crap for today? Yea, I think so too.
  • 24's back next week. Yay for the Jack Bauer Power Hour!
  • No, I won't be participating in the drinking game. But I plan on doing something related for this season. More info on that coming on Sunday.

That's all I've got. :)

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