Monday, August 27, 2007

Garner, Timmy Poo gone

Justin Yarbrough
Phil Garner discusses the call of a play at the plate with an ump at Sunday's game.

Mission accomplished.

Well, not my mission, but regardless, they're gone.

Here's my take on the situation.

Garner was nowhere near a perfect manager. He was nowhere near the worst I've seen either... does Jimy Williams ring a bell? He made some questionable calls, but even the best do from time to time. Just look at Tony LaRussa not pinch-hitting Pujols in the All-Star game.

In all fairness, nobody could have won with this team.

Which brings me to Timmy Poo, the GM. He just plain sucked. Seeing the results of the Jennings trade did enough to convince me he needed to go.

Of course, this'll only do good if the team gets replacements that will take the team in a new direction, otherwise it's a waste.

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