Monday, November 17, 2008

My thoughts on Quantum of Solace

Yea, I know I said I’d write this Saturday. Oh well.

It starts off right where Casino Royale left off with a very good car chase sequence. Later in the movie there’s a boat chase and then a plane chase. All three were well-done, but what would you expect?

I’ll not say too much of the plot, but it did leave some loose ends. I’m assuming that at least some of those loose ends will be addressed in the next movie.

Daniel Craig’s filling in well into the James Bond role I think. He brings something different to them, which is probably a good thing since the series is undergoing a reboot

Anyway, here’s the bottom line:

It’s a decent movie. It’s not as good as Casino Royale, but it’s not bad. It was worth the $5 I shelled out to catch a matinee on Friday afternoon.

Just a recommendation: Watch (or re-watch) Casino Royale before you watch Quantum of Solace, just to refresh on things.

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K T Cat said...

I thought Casino Royale was a great Bond movie until the torture scene. From that point on, the movie just fell apart for me. I like Daniel Craig as Bond.

I'm hoping to manage to see this one in the theaters.