Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ike recovery update

I figured I should give a window into how our personal Ike recovery is going.

All that’s left is getting the roof fixed. It’s not terrible and we don’t have any leaks so it wasn’t something we were exactly rushing to take care of.

Last week we called our roofer, who was supposed to come out and see us for the past month. For some reason we weren’t in their computer system, so we were told we’d be getting a call back from them later.

When they did call back they apologized profusely and said they’d be out in a couple days to take a look at the roof and give us an estimate.

Our insurance adjuster had assumed that the roof just needed some patches in a few place when he looked at it.

Well, the roofer disagreed.

He said that he could patch it, but a lot of areas needed patching (mainly because of loose shingles, which are common from hurricanes) and we’d be better off with getting the whole roof replaced.

The roofer’s talking it over with the insurance company for us. All we’ve had to do for them is fax them the receipt from the work they did after Rita three years ago, which was just a patch of one area.

It makes sense for them to ask. I know of at least one person who got their check to get roof repairs done after Rita but didn’t ever get them done. Their insurance company refused to pay this time around, as they should.

Anyway, we should be scheduled to get the roof redone sometime in the near future and we’ll be pretty much back to normal.

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